Fixing the leaking bucket

Rohit K Jangir
Feb 6, 2020 · 3 min read

Last year has been a great year for us @CricPlay where both IPL and ICC World Cup happened one after the other. Everyone in the industry was going Cricket in one way other, be Zomato or Swiggy or Uber; Cricket was the name of the game.

By shipping Star Contest right before IPL 2019 we presented a unique game format, which led to unprecedented user acquisition.

But as Peter Parker principle states; with more users comes a worse churn rate.


Fix the existing onboarding funnel to retain acquired users and bring down CPA.

In CricPlay user onboarding is a two-step process, signing-up followed by team-creation.

User dropoff %age
  1. In Sign-Up flow; users face the problem of deciding on a unique username.
  2. In Team-Creation flow; apart from committing to a match to create a team for, users were also not able to make the right player combinations i.e. how many batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeeper and all-rounders to select which results in breakage of the flow.

Team-creation is the core mechanic of the game wherein the fantasy team will score points relative to the live match leading to user rank on the leaderboard.

It became very essential to fix the team-creation flow by assisting the user contextually on the combinations rather than keeping a static rules table.


Team Creation Assist System Specs

The guided journey along with assisted team creation led to a 13% increase in user activation and a 10% increase in team creation.

Here’s a happy ball for you! :)
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India’s favourite fantasy cricket app.


India’s favourite fantasy cricket app.

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India’s favourite fantasy cricket app.