CMCT Theft — Exchanges Update by Crowd Machine CEO

ANNOUNCEMENT: San Jose, California USA, 26 September 2018

Dear Community,

We are currently continuing with our response to the incident where access to our cryptowallet was compromised and there was a theft of Crowd Machine Compute Tokens (CMCTs).

As a direct result of the ongoing investigations by the relevant law enforcement agencies (supported by our team) most exchanges have suspended trading in CMCTs.

As investigation of CMCT trading activities is still ongoing, we are currently not authorized to request the re-opening of closed exchanges.

We will request the re-opening of closed exchanges as soon as we can.

We will continue to release relevant factual information when we are authorized to do so by the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Read the previous announcement: 25 September, Crowd Machine CEO Update on CMCT Theft

Thank you,

Craig Sproule
CEO and Founder