Crowd Machine Response to CMCT Theft Arrests

ANNOUNCEMENT: San Jose, California USA, 4 October 2018

Dear Community,

Despite reports in the past few days of the arrest of individuals in connection to the recent theft of Crowd Machine Compute Tokens (CMCT), the investigation is ongoing. While the investigation is ongoing we have asked exchanges to restrict CMCT trading. As soon as the investigation is complete we will ask exchanges to enable trading as normal.

It continues to be business at usual at Crowd Machine, where the real value of our business is in the technology — a holistic solution for developing and executing applications with more agility and less cost than public cloud providers, to meet business demands more efficiently and effectively.

Crowd Machine staff have been instrumental in the arrests and continue to assist law enforcement to bring the perpetrators to justice.

If you believe that you hold solid information which may assist the investigation — please email us at so it can be passed on to the authorities.

We will continue to release relevant factual information when we are authorized to do so by the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Read the previous announcement: 26 September, CMCT Theft — Exchanges Update by Crowd Machine CEO

Thank you,

Craig Sproule
CEO and Founder