Crust Devlog | Feb 1st — Feb 29th, 2024

Crust Network
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4 min readMar 6, 2024


The Mainnet Data

Technical Progress

Crust Network

- Update EvmStorage smart contracts on Blast testnet

Crust EVM Storage has expanded its horizons by integrating with the Blast Testnet:

PriceOracle Proxy:

PriceOracle Implementation:

StorageOrderCompatible Proxy:

StorageOrderCompatible Implementation:

- Fix EvmStorage page on Crust Network homepage

- Crust order monitoring tools base on file sizes and upload gateway


- Upgrade devnet from validium to ZK rollup

EthDA itself is an Ethereum ZK rollup powered by Polygon CDK, and derives security from Ethereum consensus.

- Economics and value aggregation design

L2s that using EthDA as Alt-DA could reward part of their DA fees to their users via EthDA’s benefit sharing protocols.

  • L2 user stakes $L2 token (L2’s DAO token) to EthDA’s Benefit Sharing Contract on L1
  • L2 chain uses EthDA as Alt-DA, and spend $ETH as gas fee and Blob storage fee
  • EthDA accrues $ETH income for every L2 chain
  • $ETH income from each L2 chain is periodically pooled into Benefit Sharing Contract for their staking users
  • L2 user periodically claims $ETH rewards from Benefit Sharing Contract

- Technical design of DA subnet

Ecosystem Collaboration

  1. Crust is revolutionizing Web3 with decentralized storage, and the DEPIN track is rising!

2. Crust joined Iotex’s DePIN Liquidity Hub to deepen liquidity, broaden our reach, and fuel accelerated growth for the entire ecosystem.

Swap $CRU and dozens of other DePIN track tokens on Mimo Swap supported by IoTeX.

3. Crust is excited to land on Optimism’s ecosystem page! Here’s to bringing a better decentralized storage experience to the ecosystem developers!

4. CRU has officially joined the HydraDX Omnipool, boosting liquidity within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Check out the step-by-step guide in our latest article!

Community Events

  1. Crust hosts a Twitter Space with Polygon to talk about how Crust is bringing dstorage to Algo developers!

2. Crust joined the SubQuery to discuss the immense potential of DePIN with fellow industry players.

3. CrustNetwork offered an exclusive airdrop to Algorand devs and users! Sign up on Galxe for a chance to get your share of 200 W3Buckets, each valued at $10, to use for on-chain data management. The rewards have been distributed.

Check the way to claim the rewards here:

4. Crust made a proposal for listing on HydraDX.

5. Crust Network is proud to announce our latest innovation: SubDA — a Substrate based Data Availability (DA) & inscription solution tailored for the Polkadot ecosystem.

6. Calling all community members to vote for opening HRMP channels between Polkadot Assethub and Crust Network!

7. Crust Monthly Community Open Call #27 was live on Crust telegram video call, watch the recap here:

8. Crust ambassador hosted a Twitter Space with Peaq and Astar to talk about DePin sector.

9. Crust joins the EthDevner 2024.

10. Crust will attend Sub0 2024 in Bangkok with other Polkadot partners.

And Crust will give a speech which the theme is “Blob Transactions and Data Availability in Polkadot Ecosystem”.



Crust Network

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.