How Crypitor work?

Cau Ta
Cau Ta
Aug 10 · 2 min read
it’s hard to manage thousands addresses

We notice that build up a business or a decentralize application with scale up system is very hard. An arbitrary way to manage your addresses and transactions is keep scanning the data. You may use some API service such as Etherscan, Infura, Ethplorer, etc. But, limit request is a problem you have to solve. It’s can not apply into your scalable system. So, you’re gonna think about build your own node to get rid of request limitation. That’s good idea! Blockchain is reaching new data every day, you have to wait for it fully synced with the network, and catching up the newest chain. And then, research about node API and start integrate into your system, but there is something you have to worry about. Keep your blockchain node stable is not an easy work, and it cost a lot of money to pay for that node.

Our mission is bringing blockchain technology to all start up companies with a friendly way and creating a tunnel lead you to the blockchain world.

We create an Address Management System. The transaction link to your address will be delivered to your system via your registered API.

Now, you don’t need to scan every address and transaction. Just build up an API, and give us your address. We will do the rest.

Crypitor transaction delivery module

We have recording servers to catch up every transaction in the network. A filtering engine will extract your own list transaction from the database and send it to callback servers though load balancer. Callback servers deliver the data to your system via co-responding API.

After receive our transaction data, make sure verify again with the network to avoid some mistakes.

We supported Web UI for you to easily add, remove address and test your listener API. Beside that, we do support interact via API key, for your convenience to integrate with backend system.

Another module will extract metadata from your account transaction and make a clearly report for you to manage every transaction in and out.

Some user cases to figure out:

  • Payment system, build up a payment system using our service to track transaction into payment address without build your own node.
  • Exchange, making an exchange to receive deposit and withdraw transaction. Managing addresses, save cost and time.
  • Alert service, service provide signal on whale wallet and notify for you, help your traders catching up market, clearly knowing the context and the cash flow.

We’re doing our best to bring blockchain closer to life.

See our Introduce article here.

Crypitor Service.

Monitoring the Crypto world!

Cau Ta

Written by

Cau Ta

Blockchain expert, Cryptos Researcher, Software Engineering. Founder Crypitor Service.

Crypitor Service.

Monitoring the Crypto world!

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