How to Re-Delegate Tezos XTZ with Magnum Wallet

Previously, in How to Delegate Tezos XTZ with Magnum Wallet, we created a Magnum Wallet from scratch, funded it with XTZ, and made a delegation to a baker. This time, we will be exploring a feature that some XTZ holders might be looking for or will eventually need: to re-delegate or change the baker of the delegation with Magnum Wallet.

How to Re-Delegate with Magnum Wallet

Re-Accessing Your Magnum Wallet

For the scope of this article, I will assume that you already created a Magnum Wallet. Else, if you want to start using Magnum Wallet, take a look at: How to Delegate Tezos XTZ with Magnum Wallet, which is a guide that shows step-by-step how to create Magnum Wallet from scratch and make a delegation.

Open your web browser and go to: (always check that you’re on the right website to avoid impersonating websites).

Depending of what you see after entering the wallet page, you will have one of the two options to re-access your Magnum wallet:

(A) Your Magnum Wallet is still cached, and you will only need to enter the password you chose. After entering your password, hit unlock and you should be able to see your dashboard :

Welcome Back to your Magnum Wallet

(B) Else, if you see the homepage below (your wallet has been cleared from the cache), you will need to Import or Restore your Magnum Wallet:

Magnum Wallet

Magnum Wallet offers two ways for restoring your wallet: To import (using your wallet private key and password) or to Restore from Backup (by loading the backup file you downloaded when you created the wallet). If you created your wallet with Magnum Wallet, you should use the latter option:

Restore Your Magnum Wallet

After loading the backup file (a .txt file) and your password, click on Restore. You should now be able to see your dashboad.

How to Re-Delegate or Change the Baker of Your Delegation?

  1. On your dashboard, click the Tezos card on the left side bar, to quickly access your Tezos wallet:

2. On your Tezos Wallet, under Your Bakers, you will see listed below all your active delegations:

3. Click on the baker card you wish to change:

4. Then click on the Redelegate tab:

5. Select a new baker from the list and click next:

6. Enter your wallet password and click confirm:

7. Wait until the origination is updated:

8. Voilà!

9. To double-check that the change has been effectively made, take a look at TzScan and search for the KT1 address of your delegation on the search bar:

In the right side of the TzScan page of your KT1 address, you will see the box (as shown in the image) with all the details of this account.

If you scroll down, you will find some details on the account type and, in this case, some details of the delegation.

Once the TZ1 address on the “Delegate” field is the TZ1 address of the new baker, your re-delegation has been successfully made.

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