You don’t need a little blue pill to make breeding easier!

Thanks to breeding feature updates, making a new CryptoKitty has never been simpler

Your CryptoKitties are craving a little feline company, and we want to make it easier for them to find the cat of their dreams (or the cat of their Tuesday, anyway).

That’s why we’ve launched a raft of feature updates to our breeding functions.

  • Shortcut button — Access the breed screen from your profile.
  • Sire reselection — Change your mind about the Sire from the breed screen.
  • Sire/Dame swap — Click to switch which Kitty is performing which function.
  • Search in breed screen — Click Sire or Dame and then use search to find the right one.
  • URL Breeding Hack — Type two Kitty numbers into a simple URL to breed faster.

Shortcut button

You’re sitting on your profile page, and you decide you’re in the mood to extend your furry family — that’s right, it’s time to breed. You aren’t sure which cat to start with, so you figure you’ll just browse around and see what you have. Your eyes desperately scan the page, but you don’t see anything. Breed my Kitties, you scream to the empty room, but no one is listening. Or so you thought.

We were listening. No, we didn’t bug your room, we just have a way of figuring these things out (it’s mostly Discord, okay?). So we added a breed button directly to your profile. It will pull up the breed page with both Dame and Sire empty, so you can dive right in. Are you in heaven? Because it’s never been this easy to make a match.

Sire reselection

You choose the Dame, scroll through a bunch of Kitties, and pick your Sire. You’re all set to go when you realize you picked a shadowgrey when you wanted a granitegrey. Disaster! Before these updates you would have had to return to your wallet, find the correct Sire, and initiate the breeding process all over again. Now? Just reselect the Sire straight from the breeding screen. It’s as easy as getting your cat to look cute for a photo.

Sire/Dame swap

Being able to change positions is an important part of every — erm — relationship. That’s why we’re now letting you switch which Kitty is in the Dame and Sire position with a single click. It’s the 21st century, and these Kitties know all about fluidity. No more returning all the way to the your wallet! No more re-initiating the breed sequence! Let your Kitties be express themselves!

Search in breed screen

For anyone who owns more than five Kitties and has wanted to breed, you know, ever, this is the best thing to come out of a CryptoKitties update since timed Fancies. Finding a specific Kitty in the breed screen used to involve so much swiping it put Tinder to shame — not to mention all the clicking on “show more” that was liable to give you carpal tunnel. Now? Just type in what you’re looking for in a search bar and WHAM! (bam, thank you ma’am). It’s breeding time.

URL breeding hack

If you’ve got a truly magnificent litter, you might use spreadsheets to manage your hoard. And if you do, this new breeding hack is for you. You can breed two Kitties together just by typing their information into a URL. It’ll look something like this:

Not sure you have the rights to breed with both of those Kitties? Don’t worry! It will reject any Kitties that can’t breed together, no ETH wasted.

So how’d we do?

Toss those little blue pills into the trash and let us know if your breeding life has just gotten better. And remember, use protection — always keep your Metamask seed words safe!