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Blockchain Governance Bibliography

What follows is a non-exhaustive kernel bibliography on blockchain governance.

There is no objective inclusion or exclusion criteria. The organizational heuristic was prompted by Vlad Zamfir’s publication of Blockchain Governance 101 (BG101). That is when we started building this list. Since then, we have taken the liberty of ascribing sequential numbering to publications that followed and related back to BG101 (even when authors did not do so).

Our goal is not to catalog every contribution, but to provide a rudimentary map for navigating this complex debate. Each of the links above builds on (and references) a sizable body of related work. Please read these interventions, and their supporting documentation, for yourself.

We recognize the need to index important blockchain governance work published prior to BG101. We also owe a debt of gratitude to existing governance indeces, such as Max Semenchuk’s excellent curated bibliographies.

Simultaneously, there’s a clear need to map parallel governance debates playing out in other linguistic traditions. Please help us surpass our linguistic limitations so we can benefit from blockchain governance innovations and debates in blockchain hubs all over the world.

We need your help to keep this list updated. Please feel free to copy and update at will and please suggest entries for inclusion in the comments below.




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