Learnings from hiring and scaling a SaaS team

Taken in our last retreat in Cascais

1. Define the culture in culture-fit

2. Leverage on hiring professionals

3. Invest in seniority.

4. Define a clear onboarding process

  • Define an onboarding checklist for you and the candidate. Preparations before the starting day and preparations on starting week. Document it for future candidates and and ask them for feedback on their own onboarding process within the company. Include stuff such as access to tools, other member 1&1s or buying hardware. An example: one of us had to wait for a week to his new computer to arrive due to some reasons that might have been avoided.
  • Define a face to face onboarding time for a remote member. I know for some cross country or even international remote teams this can be difficult. We are trying to be flexible as much as we can but try to set up some time (minimum two weeks) for remote members to be in our Madrid office. We believe it’s important to have onsite dedicated sessions on different aspects not related to the role and provide a bird’s eye view on the project to later be more productive when working remotely.
  • Define and set up role goals. I mean, this is management 101. Yet we have failed here in some cases not communicating expectations properly. This has led to uncertainty on responsibilities, goals and what’s the north star. Now we define the role before hiring and include goals, workflow, stakeholders, tasks and examples of projects in the roadmap. This is helpful when hiring but absolutely necessary to guide the new member.
  • Plan regular 1&1s to work on role’s evolution. Onboarding a new team member can last from 6 months to 1 year so it’s key to provide feedback fast and regularly. We have experienced misguidance on whether someone is evolving correctly and lack of honest feedback to improve what’s not working with anticipation. But also 1&1s should never stop and are a great tool for all the team.

5. Have determination to do what’s best for the project

6. We are not a family.

Taken from a roadmap discussion



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