Going the Extra Mile (December 2018)

Welcome to the CyberMiles Foundation’s monthly newsletter #12

Dec. 3, 2018

Happy holidays, CyberMilers! Since our last update, your CyberMiles team has outlined our 2019 milestones, optimized the CMT Wallet (version 2.2), and created a new way to run CyberMiles “DApps” right from your browser! Read on for updates, along with other blockchain and cryptocurrency news.


CyberMiles teases 2019-20 roadmap

As we wrap up 2018, we’re looking forward to an eventful year ahead of us! Continuing the momentum from our MainNet release, “Genesis Validator” (Supernode) program, and introducing our CMT Cube and CMT Wallet, among others, here’s what we have coming up next or already in the works:

December 2018
CyberMiles now supports multiple, real-world e-commerce businesses, with CMT payments on Blocktonic, LightInTheBox, and Mavs.com (tickets, etc.).

We did it!

January 2019
Complete a minimal viable ecosystem (MVE) for on-chain tokens and exchanges

February 2019
Incorporate more than 15 million U.S. consumers’ data onto the CyberMiles blockchain

April 2019
Support more than 100 decentralized applications (DApps)

June 2019 
Onboard first 50 business partners for e-commerce applications

July 2019
Sustain more than twice as many daily transactions as Ethereum

August 2019
Reach 2,000 community developers

September 2019
Reach more daily active users than Ethereum and EOS combined

October 2019 
Support stable coins in all e-commerce transactions

Q4 2019
Become one of the top security tokens issuers in the world

Q1 2020 
Receive more than 100 e-commerce virtual machine (VM) optimizations from the developer community

Q2 2020
Launch global enterprise services to promote public blockchain as a service

Q3 2020 
Become a top e-commerce transaction clearinghouse in Far East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Africa

Q4 2020 
Reach massive adoption of decentralized e-commerce

Metamask brings CyberMiles to your browser!

MetaMask for CMT is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run CyberMiles DApps right in your browser without running a CyberMiles node.

MetaMask includes a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and to sign blockchain transactions.

To install the MetaMask add-on in the Chrome browser, along with an installation guide, visit cybermiles.io/metamask. If you’re a developer, you can start developing with MetaMask today.

CyberMiles celebrates a year of success

As our first anniversary is upon us, we’d like to thank the entire CyberMiles community, all who have been so very supportive throughout our development!

In a spirit of the holiday season, and to express our gratitude and appreciation, we’re adding four new chances for you to receive CMT — a part of our shared achievement and success.

During the first opportunity (Nov. 22–29), we asked CyberMiles’ online community to express appreciation to anyone on social media, using, @recipient’s account + @CyberMiles + #1YearAnniversary. Then we selected 20 random winners to receive 500 CMTs!

Stay tuned for more by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Weibo! All of the details and rules regarding this anniversary bounty giveaway can be found on cybermiles.io/blog.

CMT Wallet releases version 2.2

Version 2.2 of the CMT Wallet has been released and is available to download. CyberMiles’ mobile light-wallet, CMT Wallet strives to provide a simple, secure and powerful digital asset management tool for users.

CMT Wallet 2.2 updates include:

  • Private key import function, which is now available
  • When you create your wallet, you can choose to backup your mnemonic words later
  • Support of generating CMT cross-platform, one-click sharing (for quicker DApp access) is also available.
  • QR code scan support can identify mobile phone album photos.
  • DApp “Token Profile” integration lets you define your CRC20 tokens.

In the News

‘Hashing It Out’ interviews CyberMiles’ Chief Scientist

This month Hashing It Out, part of The Bitcoin Podcast Network, interviewed Dr. Michael Yuan, our Chief Scientist, about building a better version of EVM and a DPoS consensus system for validators to stake in CyberMiles’ network. The segment also delved into how CyberMiles’ research is pushing the limits of what existing blockchain technology can do, and amazing progress already made in proving alternative systems for further developing blockchain tech. Listen to the whole conversation, not just about CyberMiles but also the space in general, at thebitcoinpodcast.com.

CyberMiles moves ahead with updates to the CM ecosystem

The most notable feature on the latest version of the CMT Wallet is the ability to issue personal tokens. CyberMiles is enabling every crypto enthusiast to create his (or her) own tokens on the CM blockchain, along with tools that help our blockchain grow by making the DApp development so much easier. Read all about it on blockpublisher.com.

CyberMiles is a top five pick of the month in BLOCK!

The second of five top projects in the premiere issue of BLOCK magazine, CyberMiles is noted as one of the first to implement e-commerce applications on the blockchain. We’ve created a large library of e-commerce-related “smart business contracts” and will migrate more than 15 million U.S.-based e-commerce users from 5miles onto the CyberMiles blockchain.

In addition to e-commerce sites like Blocktonic, where you can purchase stuff with CyberMiles Tokens (CMT), you soon will be able to use CMT to buy things like Dallas Mavericks game tickets and merchandise.

Read the BLOCK article in full on blockjournal.io.

Decentralized hedge funds take aim at Wall Street elite

The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market might seem daunting for individual investors, and while some believe crypto to be the next global currency, others still remain understandably wary. Many of today’s “traditional crypto” hedge funds focused on trading cryptocurrencies take a number of different individual approaches to ensure profits. On FanaticalFuturist.com, Dr. Yuan, our Chief Scientist, shares his thoughts on trusting decentralized hedge funds and sharing resources on the blockchain.

CyberMiles (CMT) makes waves around the world

Our advanced platform to ensure effective work in the field of e-commerce — a general, distributed accountability between suppliers, creditors, and all interested parties — has people talking worldwide.

For our Russian readers, learn about how the CyberMiles blockchain aims to become one for all e-commerce transactions on RBC.ru.

Arabic readers, on Gulf365.co, can learn how CyberMiles is making it possible — and safe — to send digital currency globally, breaking down international barriers just as the Internet did a generation or so ago.

And for our Korean readers, Dr. Yuan, our Chief Scientist, explains, via CoinReaders.com, the difference between issuing tokens through an STO versus an IPO.

(Meanwhile, our Portuguese friends, over in Brazil…)

CyberMiles is poised to change e-commerce in a big way

Our modern world is expanding its digital footprint, rapidly, every day. But are we ready to say goodbye to traditional ways of doing business by welcoming more efficient, secure and effective options? We may be, judging by the growing popularity of crypto and blockchain technology, not to mention online shopping. On SteemKR.com, learn how CyberMiles hopes to fast track this transition with our innovative platform.

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Thanks for your continued support, CyberMilers! Spread the word, as always. — Shabnam A., Community Manager

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