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Note from the editor

My Justiss Goode stories contain advice and opinions abut life lessons. I share tips, based on how I applied the same advice when things happened to me, INCLUDING: Writing tips to be more productive on Medium.

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Justiss Goode | Follow @GoodeWriter
My 1,100+ stories provide useful writing advice and valuable affiliate marketing tips that help Medium members profit. Visit and see: https://bit.ly/3B4oX5y
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Robin Christine Honigsberg
Author of “Dysfunctional Me.” Associate Editor & Social Media Manager at wordswelljournal.org. Sensitive eccentric. Medium Editor-“AYOT.”
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Alize Henry
“Writers, procreators infused with words, birthing and nurturing as children, presenting to the world to be enjoyed, accepted, and loved.” ~ Àlize Henry
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JF Danskin
Fantasy and LitRPG author.
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Walter Rhein
I have 10+ years experience as a certified English and Physics teacher. 20+ years of experience as an editor, journalist, blogger and novelist.
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Ira Robinson
Published author of over a dozen books and dozens of short stories, Digital painter, and streamer, and blind. Contact me at ira@originalworlds.com
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Michele Pittman
Writer, seeker, truth-teller, successful digital marketer, and now I write about it.
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Lisa S. Gerard
Just doing my thing, letting you do yours. Be kind. It matters. Help break Mental Health stigma. Share a smile. https://lisasgerard.medium.com/membership
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Carolyn McBride
I’m a self-sufficiency enthusiast, an author of novels & short stories, a reader, a gardener, lover of good chocolate, coffee & life in the woods.
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Patrick S. Smith
I’m a retired veteran, father of 2 daughters, dabbling in writing poetry and short stories. I can be followed at The Writings of Patrick S. Smith
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Kayla Hicks
A published author on Amazon| Multi-Genre Author| Teaching about writing and publishing| https://linktr.ee/authorkaylahicks
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J. Salvatore Domino
J. Salvatore Domino is an author and blogger based in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A. A classic storyteller, his stories long or short, never fail to entertain.
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Henry Corrigan
Bisexual author, poet and playwright. Blogs about mental health, sex and politics. A Man in Pieces https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B1VXBZT3?geniuslink=true
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Andy Spears
Writer and policy advocate living in Nashville, TN —Public Policy Ph.D. — writes on education policy, consumer affairs, and more . . .
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Sofia Duarte
⚀ Uma mulher afundada em letras creativas! ⚁ A woman deep within creative words!
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Anna Marques
CanadiAmerican Ukrainan, JD, MFA Writer & Attorney. Booted off Twitter for life now booted off X and Facebook. Anna Marques is a pseudonym