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Castle LP DAO for 💎 Hands of the HAUS

tl;dr Supply WETH/HAUS on Swapr, take LP tokens and tribute them to the LP DAO for membership shares, 🤙 ringing HAUS holders 🤝. (coming soon)

HAUS/WETH Farming campaign on @SwaprETH
Liquidity on Swapr has cruised past $5M TVL


HAUS is the governance token for DAOhaus, the leading no-code DAO creation platform for MolochDAOs and permissioned communities. Over the past three years DAOhaus has transitioned from a hackathon project to an important piece of community infrastructure for DAOs.

After the Launch of HAUS Token 🎉, DAOhaus transitioned it’s governance to UberHaus DAO which is the Federated DAO that controls HAUS token supply.

Since the Launch of HAUS three months ago, DAOhaus has welcomed

  • 647 new DAOs (up 302%) — 966 total
  • 703 unique addresses (up 320%) — 1,023 total
  • 6554 DAO memberships (up 379%) — 8,897 total

to the platform…

Up until about a month ago, HAUS was one of the largest liquidity pools on xDAI, stablizing at around $1M in liquidity every day, volume reaching the millions, and the number of transactions hovering well above the thousands.

Due in small measure to the crypto market consolidating; HAUS token long-term liquidity and volume could not be sustained utilizing the LP Farms. The farming rewards phased out at the end of May and liquidity on xDAI has been drying up ever slowly.

We decided instead of giving away free HAUS to short-term LPs, that it would be in our best interest to dog-food the tools that we ourselves have created at DAOhaus to generate long-term liquidity through incentivizing the 💎🙌 hands of the HAUS holders.


The aim of Liquidity DAO is for dedicated HAUS token LPs to pool their LP tokens into a DAO that will receive diamond hand rewards at the end of 12-months.

LPs will earn streamed HAUS as an additional reward in exchange for tributing LP tokens for shares in the DAO, these rewards will be streamed from UberHaus.

We believe LP DAO will have much greater success incentivizing long-term liquidity. Because the opportunity cost of not having your capital locked up is relatively high,

LPs who supply their WETH/HAUS will be naturally incentivized to collaborate to increase the value of HAUS token and therefore the value being created by DAOhaus.

LP DAO will solve for the rug pulls and liquidity trap doors that sometimes present. We solve for this problem by using a DAO to align all LP holders in the same fight e.g. to increase HAUS token liquidity, adoption, and price.

The DAO is not live yet, we’ll be looking to begin onboarding LP holders in the next few weeks, stay tuned for updates from our twitter and newsletter!

Note: LPs will be able to get rewards from swapr or honeyswap until the DAO goes live. The DAO will also have the choice to join farms collectivly

Note: Membership in Liquidity DAO is restricted to those who tribute WETH / HAUS LP tokens from Swapr

The end goal is that the rewards they accumulate will allow Liquidity DAO to join UberHaus and represent the perspective of HAUS LPs.

Token Tribute / Share Policies

Target = 500,000 LP Tokens

Min Stake: 500 LP Tokens
Max Stake: None

Max Shares: 100 Shares
Max Loot: None

Share Ratio: 100 LP Tokens = 1 Share, until 100 Shares and then the rest is in Loot.

Joining Process

  • One week open membership period.
  • Open to DAOs and individuals.
  • Allow for open membership period again after 12 month initial rewards are fully streamed to DAO.
  • Allow for replacement members where the existing members are able to set a new fair value for shares, but will be punished by UberHaus for keeping a replacement member out.

LPs who are Castle DAO members will be able to make a Rage Quit proposal at any point during the farming period to claim their HAUS rewards and locked LP tokens.

We look forward to providing you with more updates on this very soon.

Discord Reboot

As part of the larger ecosystem updates, DAOhaus is going to be launching a soft reboot of its discord June 30th, and will have the fully built out solution integrated by the end of next week.

The solution is going to be tailored to Federated DAO models like UberHaus, where there are multiple sub-DAOs contributing value at different levels in the larger ecosystem of DAOs.

Following the reboot, our community will be able to join many DAOs that will receive different types of rewards for participation.

To learn about how the above relates to the discord reboot and ecosystem daos, jump into our discord where the conversation is happening.

We’ll have more in an article coming soon!

Haus Out ✌️ 🏰

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