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HAUS goes live! 📡

HAUS token is now live to the world! Here’s a link to both the xDAI and Mainnet contract addresses.

If you haven’t already checked them out, make sure to read through the HAUS Launch article, as well as the DAOhaus CCO recap article!

We’re incredibly excited to take this step in project decentralisation, community growth and DAO innovation.

HAUS Distribution & CCOs!

The first DAOhaus CCO happened back in August 2020, with DAOhaus community members contributing $250,000 to fund the initial development of the platform. Fast forward to March 2021, and the second CCO took place, and we hit the contribution cap in just 75 seconds!

We’ve distributed 25% of the total HAUS supply via the two CCOs to over 250 addresses, and have another 10.3% earmarked for further community distribution.

HAUS Claiming!

Participants of both DAOhaus CCO’s can now claim their HAUS! If you participated in the recent CCO, Head over to the claim page and hit that button! Your tokens will be claimed on xDAI, but if you want to bridge back over to mainnet, you can do that here. If you participated in CCO1, it’s time to ragequit the HausDAO. (Loot holder channel in discord for help!)

HAUS token distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000 HAUS

Circulating Supply: 387,000 HAUS

More specifics on the HAUS distribution can be found in the HAUS launch article!

  • UberHaus Community Treasury: 58% HAUS (605k HAUS)
  • Retroactive distribution: 10.3% HAUS (103k HAUS): Broken into: (7% HAUS — 70k HAUS distributed to existing Moloch DAOs) + (3.3% HAUS — 33k HAUS Moloch DAO user airdrop — more details coming soon!)
  • CCO1 Allocation: 12.5% HAUS (125k HAUS)
  • CCO2 Allocation: 12.5% HAUS (125k HAUS)
  • Warcamp contributor Allocation: 6.7% HAUS (67k HAUS)

Farms are Live + Getting involved

Once you’ve claimed your tokens, you can start participating in the DAOhaus ecosystem straight away! We talked about the three farms in the HAUS Launch article, different farms have different rewards so to maximise yours; 1. Join the Shogun pool by providing liquidity to xDAI/HAUS on Honeyswap and depositing LP tokens, 2. Join the Ronin pool by simply staking HAUS and participating in snapshot governance, 3. Join (or create!) a Moloch DAO to participate in UberHaus! Check out HAUS farming here!

UberHaus governance

Expanding on 3. above, UberHaus is now developing the governance structure & community around HAUS & DAOhaus — This governance takes place through DAO -> DAO governance only, with all UberHaus governors being delegates from other DAOs.

DAO on DAO governance is something that has seen very little testing in the wild, something we’re incredibly excited to be pushing forward on what’s possible!

Most UberHAUS governance discussion will take place on the DAOHaus Discord server, whilst longer form discussion and proposals will live on the upcoming Discourse forum and of course, the on chain DAO.

UberHaus Governance Today

We already have delegates from MetaCartel, Raid Guild, Venture DAO, Meta Gamma Delta and more!

These delegates will represent their communities in UberHaus governance. We’re always looking for more input so why not start your own DAO and start contributing!

UberHAUS delegates are invited to join the UberHAUS governance channel in the DAOhaus Discord server.

Community Governance Tooling

Now that HAUS is live, we’ll be focusing on community governance tooling, this involves building out a number of different on and off-chain incentives around:

  • Snapshot (Allowing soft governance representation of Ronin and Shogun stakers).
  • Discourse Forum (Building a more formalized place for the HAUS community to propose & discuss governance proposals).
  • Sourcecred (Allowing discord & discourse to be tracked and incentivised in a transparent way).
  • MORE! Join the discord and contribute to the ever expanding list of governance tooling!

HAUS to infinity & Beyond!

The DAOhaus community is incredibly excited for this next phase of decentralisation & growth - as always, hop into the Discord for any questions and comments on all the above. And keep an eye on the DAOhaus Twitter!

HAUS out!

Huge thanks to the support from Moloch DAO, MetaCartel, 1hive and all participating communities and DAOs! This wouldn’t be possible without all of you!




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