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HAUS Launch! 🏰

What is DAOhaus

DAOHaus was born at ETHBerlin 2019, a hackathon project aiming to make it easier (or possible at all) to interact with the Moloch DAO smart contracts in a human-readable way. After a days-long, Club Mate induced frenzy, the very first build of DAOhaus was born! Thus beginning the almost two year journey focused on bringing more open tools for financial coordination to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Why DAOs matter

DAOs enforce trust and allow for the coordination of both humans and capital. When stripped down, a DAO is simply a set of smart contracts which allow people to pool capital, vote on how to allocate that capital, and leave with their pro-rata share of that capital if they so wish.

Historically, if a group of humans wanted to pool their resources towards a common goal, one of these humans would need to be elected to preside over the money, or the money would need to preside in a specific account, opening up the group to failure states introduced by human error, purposeful theft or broader censorship. Now, we can entrust this responsibility to a smart contract, pre-programmed to only deploy capital based on a predetermined set of criteria. This allows for a group of people to coordinate without needing to know or trust each other whatsoever.

Moloch DAO restarted this DAO mentality inside of the Ethereum ecosystem after a few years of hiatus following ‘The DAO’ and the contract bug that caused it’s meltdown. DAOs are integral to Ethereum and the growth of digital communities across the globe and DAOhaus is here to make that a reality.

Community Funded From Day One

From grants to community contributions, DAOhaus has always been funded by its users. At the start of 2020, DAOhaus hosted the first Community Contribution Offering (CCO) — allowing active community members to seed working capital by pledging for non-transferable DAO shares called Loot.

Using a process called Transmutation, those contributors received their pro-rata allocation of HAUS tokens as funds were spent by the DAO. Today, we’re happy to share the outcomes of HAUS CCO1 and the public release of HAUS!

Real Progressive Decentralization

DAOhaus has always been scrappy and community first. A ‘core DAO’ of ~20 people have worked remotely and coordinated around HausDAO to build DAOhaus v2 and the HAUS token into reality.

No contributor has ever been paid a salary, and all work has been rewarded on a value provided basis where communication and transparency rule above all. Instead of the rigid departments you might find in a traditional company, we operate on a flexible model of circles, groups of people which take responsibility for different aspects of DAOhaus. Most people belong to more than one, and there are no entry requirements — just show up and provide value!

  • 🧙‍♂️ Magesmiths are builders, shipping code, deploying minions and taking on the technical responsibility of DAOhaus.
  • 🏹 Rangers are communicators; writing articles, talking to potential partners, recording podcasts. You wouldn’t be here reading this article without them!
  • ⚗️ Alchemists brew up the economic and governance designs that tie DAOs and tokens together.
  • ⚔️ Paladins run the whole thing; work out the budget, schedule and lead internal workshops — making sure every other circle is doing what's required!

HAUS Launch

It’s now time for HAUS to launch to the wider Ethereum ecosystem, aiming to conduct a new level of digital coordination. At launch, HAUS will be used to govern UberHAUS DAO, which is only governable by other DAOs, building a new experiment within the Ethereum & governance space.

In order to bootstrap this DAO on DAO governance, DAOHaus is airdropping 10.3% of HAUS to DAOs across the Moloch Ecosystem including; MetaCartel, Raid Guild, Meta Gamma Delta, Venture DAO and another 70+ DAOs! By airdropping HAUS to DAOs, DAOHaus can enforce some ‘minimum level of coordination’ between them, leaving each DAO to choose their own path. A new experiment in DAO coordination!

Outside of the DAO distribution, HAUS will be distributed through a Community Contribution Opportunity, where addresses that have achieved ‘ Proof of DAO’ status will be able to contribute up to 5000 xDAI to the CCO. Check out the HAUS page & Check address eligibility here!

On the 15th of March, HAUS will launch to the world, with a contribution period of 4 days open to all eligible addresses. HAUS CCO aims collect $888,888 xDAI, and the sale will end after the maximum $1.11m xDAI (12.5% of HAUS) cap is achieved, or the contribution period ends. HAUS will then be distributed to all participants and they will be able to choose from several paths forward. HAUS will be distributed two weeks after the sale begins on the 29th of March.

HAUS Token Details

Total Supply: 1,000,000 HAUS
Circulating Supply: 387,000 HAUS

HAUS Distribution:

UberDAO Community Treasury

60.5% HAUS (605k HAUS) remains held by UberDAO, the overarching DAO controlled by HAUS & other DAOs — To be governed by the community. Examples of how this remaining HAUS may be distributed include: Mechanism Farming, Delegate/Voting incentives, Liquidity incentives, Governance mining, etc.

Retroactive distribution

10.3% HAUS
(70k HAUS) distributed to existing Moloch DAOs, based on a combination of factors; value throughput (WETH/DAI in/out), overall usage (gas spent), and unique members.

3.3% HAUS(33k HAUS) Moloch DAO user airdrop — more details coming soon!

CCO1 Allocation

12.5% HAUS (125k HAUS) distributed to CCO1 contributors, core members of the Moloch DAO community who participated in CCO1, 250,000 DAI was contributed to HausDAO and HAUS Transmutation occurred!

CCO2 Allocation

10–12.5% HAUS (100k-125k HAUS) distributed to eligible CCO2 contributors through the ‘Proof of DAO’ mechanism described below.

Warcamp contributor allocation

6.7% HAUS (67,000 HAUS) distributed to ‘Warcamp’ contributors, members of the DAOhaus community that formed around the project at inception.

Community Contribution 2: Proof of DAO

DAOhaus set out to distribute HAUS to an even wider group of driven Ethereum governance participants. ‘Proof of DAO’ is one of the best ways to distribute HAUS to those willing to coordinate, ensuring the project maintains it’s participation-first mindset post-launch!

There are ~122k addresses that have ‘proven’ eligible for HAUS distribution, all of the below actions demonstrate a willingness to govern within the Ethereum ecosystem and therefore are included:

  • All addresses that have ever sent or received TheDAO tokens
  • All members of Snapshot Spaces
  • All vote creators and voters from Aragon Voting module
  • All addresses with VoteCast or DelegateChanged from Compound
  • All stakers scraped from the Yearn Staked Event Emitted
  • All addresses with VoteCast or DelegateChanged from Uniswap
  • All addresses that were in the ‘to or from’ fields from DXDAO
  • All addresses with VoteEmitted events from Aave
  • All Moloch DAO users

Each address that has proved eligibility will be able to contribute up to 5,000 DAI to the DAOhaus CCO.

Get Involved with HAUS

HAUS will be launched on mainnet, and bridged to xDAI for the contribution window. Anyone participating in the HAUS distribution will need to get on xDAI! You will need to bridge DAI from mainnet to xDAI, instructions for how to do this will be on the HAUS CCO eligibility webpage.

Deploying the HAUS launch on xDAI increases coordination cost in exchange for a decrease in actual cost, reducing the total gas spend needed to contribute to the CCO from ~$100 to ~$0.10, a 1000x saving for those addresses driven enough to participate. The HAUS distribution was designed with motivated community coordinators as the primary candidates to receive and govern with HAUS.

Different options for use of HAUS at launch:

On launch, DAOs, Proof of DAO contributors and HAUS holders will have three different ways to participate in the DAOhaus ecosystem and governance:

  • Firstly, HAUS holders have the opportunity to participate in UberHAUS DAO, the primary governance mechanism for HAUS and the DAOhaus protocol. Membership in UberHAUS DAO is restricted to Moloch DAOs so if you want to participate; join one or summon your own, it’s easy! More on UberDAO coming soon!
  • Secondly, through ‘Shogun’ staking HAUS holders can provide liquidity for ETH/HAUS on HoneySwap and receive ‘soft’ signalling power through snapshot, as well as HAUS rewards.
  • Lastly, ‘Ronin’ staking allows HAUS holders to ‘stake’ only their tokens to receive ‘soft’ signalling power and HAUS rewards.

All three of these incentive structures will run for one month post HAUS launch, at which point HAUS holders and DAO contributors will decide on the best next steps, whether that be continuing the current incentives or developing new ones!

The Road Ahead

DAOhaus is paving a path forward for accessible on-chain governance.

Beyond the HAUS launch, DAOhaus will soon be rolling out a number of updates geared at making DAOs easier than ever. If you or someone you know is looking to coordinate a digital community, DAOhaus is for you.

In the meantime, hop into the Discord for any questions and comments on all the above. And keep an eye on the DAOhaus Twitter!

This is just the beginning of an ongoing revolution of digital coordination, and we look forward to playing a small role in that journey.

HAUS out!

This article & HAUS launch wouldn’t be possible without all of the hard work from DAOhaus Contributors: Ven Gist, Sam Kuhlmann, Dekan Brown, Callum Gladstone, Adam J Kerpelman, Cooper Turley and so many more!

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