DAOstack Update: Alchemy Private Pilot Goes Live || Matan Presents at NYC Meetup || GEN Listed on BitGo || Media Roundup

Alchemy Private Pilot Re-Launch Goes Live

In our last update, we announced that the Alchemy private pilot was going to re-launch. The pilot is now up and running. Pollinators, early adopters, advocates, and other first-access users can now explore the newly improved Alchemy. We’ll continue gathering feedback and fine-tuning this DApp with the help of our invaluable early user community. Communications Director Pat Rawson, who is spearheading the creation of DAOstack’s Accountability Task Force, had this to say about one of the new upgrades:

“Alchemy’s new feature that enables the DAO to subtract reputation from an individual through the passing of a proposal opens up new avenues for making Genesis truly resilient. We now have a powerful tool to help mitigate many socially engineered attacks by rapidly turning down the influence of bad actors. To coincide with the launch of this new feature,, I have architected a proposal to create an Accountability Task Force, whose principal task is to protect and better align the DAO around its shared values.”

At the time of writing, more than 15 proposals have been made, voted on and staked on and 32 ETH have already been allocated by the DAO to fund some of them!

Matan Field Presents at Blockchain Token Association NYC Meetup

Photo by Jake Brukhman‏

DAOstack architect and CEO Matan Field recently joined the conversation and presented at the Blockchain Token Association’s NYC meetup. Matan covered scalability challenges, holographic consensus, and DAOstack architecture while sharing examples of real-world DAOs and DAOs-in-progress. He shared the stage with Menlo, a project creating a framework for scaling decentralized applications. The Meetup took place at PencilWorks, a co-working hub for blockchain, AI, and other creative tech industries located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

DAOstack Meetup Takes Place in Rio De Janeiro

DAOstack’s Erik Rodrigues presenting at the meetup

Early this month, DAOstack’s Erik Rodrigues hosted a DAOstack meetup in Rio de Janeiro, one of the blockchain world’s up-and-coming cities, to educate some of the city’s crypto influencers about the platform. The group discussed the holographic consensus and some of its potentially disruptive applications, including the idea of DAO-managed patent registrations, which could result in fairer compensation for founders and researchers.

DAOstack Listed on BitGo

Blockchain security company BitGo recently announced that they will include DAOstack’s GEN among the eleven new ERC20 tokens they will begin supporting on their service. BitGo provides highly secure multi-signature wallets and other crypto-asset storage services, with the goal of making blockchain safe and accessible for institutional investors as well as businesses. GEN’s inclusion on the BitGo platform means that even the most security-oriented crypto users can participate in the DAOstack ecosystem.

Gnosis Announces Ethereum-First Strategy

Prediction-market platform project (and DAOstack partner) Gnosis re-affirmed their commitment to the Ethereum ecosystem and the structures built within it. Their “Ethereum-first strategy,” devoted to nurturing distributed applications, includes supporting the emergence of Ethereum-based DAOs and DAO tools such as DAOstack. Gnosis and DAOstack are currently collaborating on DutchX, a decentralized token exchange that will run on the DAOstack framework.

Introducing Our Social Media Manager

We’re pleased to announce a new addition to the DAOstack Team: David Costello is joining as Social Media Manager. Costello had this to say about joining DAOstack:

“What DAOstack is attempting to achieve represents one of the most progressive steps forward since the advent of the internet. The scope of what can be achieved by DAOs has extremely wide-ranging implications across many industries. I am extremely excited to be part of such a talented team that is working on such an interesting project. I have worked in a number of marketing roles with high-growth startups for the last ten years across a range of different industries. I am looking forward to bringing my experience in marketing roles for fast-growing startups to the social media manager role and hope to become an integral contributor to the success of the company.”

Media Mentions

DAOstack co-founder Adam Levi published “The Arc Platform” on Medium. Read it here for a comprehensive explanation of the Arc, the “base layer” smart contract library underpinning DAOstack.

Crypto news-and-info site Bitrates published a deep-dive three-part series on DAOstack. Take a look at Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 by Martin Banov.

Thanks to Bianka Banova for her thoughtful DAOstack overview on Medium. Bianka covers the challenges of scalable governance, “social insects”, and the benefits of anti-rivalrous goods.

Thanks as well to BitBoy Crypto, who shared his in-depth DAOstack review on Youtube here.

Maya Zhecheva published her account of attending DappCon (an Ethereum conference hosted by Gnosis) and the projects that made an impression. Maya called Matan’s presentation one of her favorite events.

Lastly, DAOstack was mentioned in the latest ETHBerlin update, as one of the sponsors of the event. We are very proud to be supporting such a unique event. We are looking forward to hosting workshops and meeting Ethereum enthusiasts from all around the world!

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