Play Cheeze Wizards, a new game for Ethereum from the creators of CryptoKitties

On-chain PvP gameplay demonstrates composability on Ethereum. Tournament duels now open: compete for a chance to win $100K.

Cheeze Wizards 🧀
Oct 21 · 5 min read

What is Cheeze Wizards?

Cheeze Wizards is the world’s first blockchain battle royale (with cheese).

When a player summons a Wizard, they enter into an ancient pact known as a “smart contract”: the Wizard gets a chance to compete for glory and title, and the summoning player gets all their winnings for the rest of the Wizard’s unending life.

Seems fair, right?

Tell me more!

Cheeze Wizards are said to descend from dragon’s milk — a dragon with udders may sound absurd, but so does a race of sentient, magic-wielding cheese.

The Cheeze Wizards Tournament carries the proud tradition of using magical forces beyond mortal understanding to settle petty disagreements.

In the Cheeze Wizards Tournament, players use ether to summon armies of Wizards and duel to win the Big Cheeze, a prize that gets bigger with every Wizard summoned (it’s currently over 615 ETH, approx $115K).

Duels for the first Cheeze Wizards Tournament in history begin once Ethereum hits block #8787616, ~730pm PST on October 21. 🚨 Wizards can only be summoned until Ethereum block #8926828, ~Nov/12 🚨

The Big Cheeze grand prize is currently over 600 ETH ($100k) and rising with every Wizard summoned. 💰🧙‍♀️

Technical Details

Cheeze Wizardsgame logic is entirely on-chain, meaning players can duel with a choice of different interfaces or even by hitting the smart contracts directly.

We have so many interesting learnings and anecdotes from running a game of this complexity entirely on Ethereum. As an example: the current size of our Tournament smart contract is 24,536 bytes, only 40 bytes under the EVM bytecode size limit of 24,576 bytes!

Just as CryptoKitties demonstrated the power of NFTs, Cheeze Wizards shows what’s possible with composability and open worlds. Developers have already built awesome apps for Cheeze Wizards players including DAOs, free-to-play modes, power exchange marketplaces, and even a mobile interface.

You can get more technical details and download the security audit of our smart contracts from our composability blog post:

Cheeze Wizards is brought to you by Udderly Fantastic Enterprises, a subsidiary of the Dapper Labs mothership behind CryptoKitties.

Our lean and mighty team built Cheeze Wizards to show that Ethereum today can be an excellent platform for a very specific kind of game: one designed for a small-but-active player-base that is both technically adept and financially sophisticated.

OK, so what’s the strategy here?

Cheeze Wizards is a game of wit, skill, and perseverance. There are many strategies you can use to win the Big Cheeze including:

  • Mother of Dragons: Summon massive armies and throw your weight around in Cheeze Parties and DAOs — all Kingdoms will fear your forces;
  • Arya: Stay lean and bet on yourself the whole way. Pick fights carefully and analyze your opponents’ history to out-skill them, increasing your Wizards’ power one duel at a time;
  • Tyrion: There’s no shame in not being the winner — as long as you’re on the winning team. Spread your Wizards far and wide to make sure you’re part of the right DAOs and Cheeze Parties;
  • Bronn: Don’t fight to the cheezy end — cash out while you’re ahead by selling your Wizards on OpenSea or any ERC-721 marketplace;
  • Iron Bank: Don’t play the game at all (especially if you’re in a jurisdiction that doesn’t allow it), but have fun learning about the rarity of the different types of Wizards and their various characteristics, collecting the most coveted, and trading back and forth with the player community without getting your hands too cheezy.

Quick tips for all master Wizards: practice on testnet using a #CheezyVerse app, join the Cheeze Wizards discord to compare notes with other players, and make sure every one of your Wizards is in a Cheeze Party:

May the Cheeze be ever in your favor!

How does Cheeze Wizards compare to CryptoKitties?

Unlike the cooperative CryptoKitties community, Cheeze Wizards is a high-stakes, winner-takes-all, player-versus-player competition. Building a seamless PvP experience fully on-chain was difficult, but worth it: visitors to and any third party tournaments using the same contracts can play with real ETH without security concerns.

Cheeze Wizards are NFTs just like CryptoKitties, but unlike their feline cousins, they also have consumable (and tradable, liquid) value in the form of Power. A Wizard’s starting Power is proportional with the ETH paid to summon it, but through duels even puny Wizards can become champions. Players can buy and sell Wizards or trade power directly on multiple third-party exchanges that developers are building using 0x or Kyber network.

Cheeze Wizards also experiments with new social, team-based dynamics in blockchain games including on-chain DAOs as well as off-chain guilds. We built our own version with Cheeze Parties, and two third-party teams have already built on-chain DAOs. Players can enter all three with the same NFTs, with Wizards counting as governance tokens based on initial power, win/loss ratio, and other factors determined by individual developers.

What if I’m a developer?

The #CheezyVerse is where the real magic happens.

When we created CryptoKitties, we didn’t fully understand the impact of third-party developers building projects like Wrapped Kitties, KotoWars, and the rest of the #KittyVerse on top of our smart contracts.

We understand it better now, and made Cheeze Wizards with composability top of mind. Because the game logic is entirely on-chain, Cheeze Wizards is an entirely interface-agnostic online PvP game.

We gathered the best examples of exciting #CheezyVerse projects as well as our audited smart contracts, public APIs, design guidelines, and a pile of ideas for developers to get started:

Wanna play? Gear up!

get started on

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Cheeze Wizards 🧀

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Cheeze Wizards is the world's first blockchain battle royale with cheese.

Dapper Labs

The serious business of fun and games on the blockchain

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