A NODE For the Future, An Ode to the Community, A Road to Decentralized Sovereignty

DAppNode Levels Up with $NODE, DAO Governance and DeFi Delights

5 min readJul 17, 2021


DAppNode hits a milestone today as we proudly announce the launch of the NODE token, DAO architecture and a host of new exciting opportunities! With this, we aim to empower the community of small Node Runners to effectively coordinate and have a united voice in the broader ecosystem.

What is DAppNode?

DAppNode is a community of blockchain enthusiasts focused on protecting the resilience of the decentralized web. The state of blockchain is at risk of becoming centralized and censored by the technical barriers involved in setting up and running a node. DAppNode provides hardware and software solutions that allow people all over the world to easily and effortlessly run their own nodes on blockchain-based networks.

Putting digital self-sovereignty within reach of the masses, DAppNodes maintains an open-source platform for anyone to use in setting up a node without technical knowledge. Leveraging this technology, users can broadcast and validate transactions, host and share information, earn rewards from Proof-of-Stake validation and secure networks by ensuring validators are diverse, decentralized and independent.

..and now DAppNode has a token to spread their mission far and wide!

The NODE that Brings It All

The NODE token economy has been built from the ground up with some of the best developers and designers in the #blockchain4good space. The NODE token launch comes with a wealth of participation incentives including the NODEdrop, NODEstream, NODEstaking and of course NODE Liquidity Mining!

The NODEdrop has already distributed NODE tokens to early supporters so head on over to app.dappnode.io/nodedrop to check out if you have some of that sweet sweet NODE waiting for you. Complementing the NODEdrop, there is also the NODEstream which will provide eligible users with a constant flow of NODE for the next 3 years.

If Liquidity Mining is your jam then great news! We’ve built a Liquidity Mining program from scratch with some awesome pools. Enjoy fantastic reward incentives on both Mainnet and xDai with over 5 Million NODE tokens reserved for the first round of NODEmining.

If you want to learn more about NODEnomics, check out this wonderful medium article giving a technical breakdown of the NODE token economy.

DAO Governance

DAppnode has tapped Snapshot technology to build its Governance structure. Snapshot is one of the most common governance frameworks that allows off-chain voting of arbitrary questions to the community/DAO members. It removes the prohibitive gas costs of participating in on-chain governance by taking snapshots of members’ NODE currently being staked. Voting and creating proposals with Snapshot is done with a simple crypto wallet signature, no gas needed.

The Snapshot space is currently waiting to be added in the UI.

To get involved in Governance, DAO aspirants will need to make contributions to the ecosystem and help kick-start the NODE economy. Those who provide Liquidity in the sanctioned pools (Uniswap and Sushiswap) or commit NODE to Governance Staking on Ethereum or xDAI will be granted voting powers proportional to their contributions. This way we can ensure that those with a voice are also those with a stake, and not merely speculating with the token.

The DAO, together with accompanying discussion in the forum, will be the inclusive hub of which DAppNode’s community and will carry on its mission to keep the web decentralized, uncensored and resilient. Active DAO members will have the opportunity to unite as one voice to decide on actions that will further the influence and weight of decentralized infrastructure operators in the ecosystem.

The first DAppNode pilot project post-launch will be the hotly awaited ValidatorDAO. You can read this Medium article to learn more about how ValidatorDAO is poised to revolutionize the relationship between Validators and Nominators!

A Feature-filled UI

To pack in all this goodness, the DAppNode website has been redesigned to give users easy access to all that DAppNode has to offer. From this dashboard you can easily see all the staking pools generating NODE as well as NODE waiting to be claimed.

The shiny new DAppNode Dashboard

Switching to xDai or Mainnet you can view the different pools which are active on each network. Buying NODE, adding liquidity and claiming rewards can all be done with a couple clicks, diving into DeFi has never been easier. At the top of the dashboard you can see your claimable NODE and also the NODE in your reservoir. The NODE held in this reservoir flows into your claimable NODE by the NODEstream which will last several years. Learn more about the NODEstream in this Medium post breaking down the NODE economy.

Look at all this NODE-filled goodness! We’re thrilled to announce this next chapter for DAppNode and we look forward to seeing our community grow and thrive with the launch of the DAO and the NODE token.

Claim your NODE from the NODEdrop if you’re eligible, otherwise head over to your favourite DEX and get some! NODEstream and Liquidity Mining is LIVE, ape-in and enjoy rewards! NODE has arrived! Reclaim your digital sovereignty and join the movement!