DAV has launched an affiliate program alongside their KYC.

We genuinely appreciate the tremendous support we’ve received from our community thus far and want to reward the supporters and leaders within our community who continuously spread the good word about DAV.

We’re excited to announce an affiliate program we’re offering alongside our KYC! Affiliate program members will be rewarded 3.5% in DAV Tokens for every member referred who joins and contributes to our Token Sale. That 3.5% will be based on all funds contributed and directly attributed to our affiliate program members.

* Due to regulatory uncertainty and concerns, if you are a resident, citizen, or currently physically in the jurisdiction of the US or China, you are not allowed to participate in this affiliate program. We also ask that you do not share your referral link with any person from the restricted countries mentioned above.

The affiliate platform

Sticking with DAV’s devotion to full transparency, we are using the industry-leading HasOffers software which is specifically built for affiliate performance management.

All affiliate members will receive their own private HasOffers account showing the real-time data of their performance.

Using HasOffers, affiliate partners are able to track all three conversions steps leading up to the final payout:

  1. Registration — user leaves his/her e-mail.
  2. Whitelisted wallet — same user successfully completed the DAV KYC procedure.
  3. Contributed — user bought DAV tokens during the public token sale.

Subject to completion of the above listed three steps, the 3.5% payout for each affiliate partner will be calculated from the total funds contributed by all users attributed to that particular affiliate partner and will be paid out in DAV tokens 45 days after the token sale has been completed.

User’s e-mail will be used to track his/her steps on each conversion funnel stage and attribute him/her to a particular affiliate partner. This will ensure that we can track performance consistently even if the user switches devices or registers again with a different cryptocurrency wallet address.

How to participate

Everyone interested in participating in the affiliate program must create an account and apply via DAV’s dedicated HasOffers page as follows:

  1. Go to: https://dav.hasoffers.com
  2. Select “Affiliate Sign Up”
  3. Fill in the company or private person details, click “Sign Up” (You will receive an email instantaneously, if you don’t see it please check your spam folder)
  4. Get approved by DAV within 1–2 business days
  5. Login back to https://dav.hasoffers.com
  6. Copy unique affiliate link
  7. Use DAV pre-designed material (link here) or generate your own
  8. Login back to https://dav.hasoffers.com to track your performance
  9. Get reward

Getting your unique affiliate link

Below are instruction on how to retrieve your affiliate link using HasOffers affiliate platform.

Step 1. Visit your affiliate environment and locate “Offers” section on the toolbar on the left-hand side of the menu.

Step 2. Select “Browse/Search” and click on “DAV KYC Referral” offer

Step 3. Copy your unique affiliate link

How to market

All interested participants can download DAV static banners from the dedicated Google Drive account here; or use together with DAV news available here.

If you have any questions please direct them to our Telegram channel.