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DaWanda Developers Blog

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Yonatan Miller
Agitator 🗽Passionate about govt accountability, new media, Chelsea Manning, digital rights and prison abolition. Programmer 💻🔥 Tweets are my own, sorta Ⓥ ☕
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Zhuo-Fei Hui
Developer @DaWanda_DE. Formerly developer @Edenspiekermann & researcher (computer graphics/vision) @TUBerlin.
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DaWanda Dev
The official DaWanda developer account. ❤️ https://www.codeoclock.com ❤️ https://dawanda.com ❤️ https://jobs.dawanda.com
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ruby dev, boardgames lover, bookworm
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Chris Stefani
Performance is everything! - Senior QA Engineer / Chapter Lead @ DaWanda