Intended Allocation of Proceeds

How token sale funds will finance the development of the first completely decentralized virtual world.

Yemel Jardi
Jul 5, 2017 · 3 min read
Intended use of revenue

Development (50%)

Our top priority is to create an outstanding developer experience for building and exploring a virtual world. The largest portion of funds from the sale will be used to attract and employ high quality developers.

  1. An in-world, easy-to-use content builder.
  2. In-game claiming and trading of LAND.
  3. In-game micropayments between strangers.
  4. Third-party applications running in Decentraland.

Research (10%)

Funds will also be allocated to researching emerging technologies in the VR. VR is a nascent technology, with the ultimate user experience still undecided.

Marketing and Community Development (15%)

Funds used for marketing efforts and continued community development will accelerate user adoption. This marketing budget is also backed by a pool of tokens to incentivize content creation inside Decentraland.

Operations and Business Development (20%)

Operations will cover the costs of office spaces, expanding our team, equipment, and developing long-term infrastructure.

Next Steps

Future blog post will cover additional details. Learn more today by reading the Decentraland White Paper.

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A blockchain-based virtual reality world.

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A blockchain-based virtual reality world.