Celo Quests Now on Rabbithole

Today we welcome Rabbithole to the DeFi for the People initiative — Rabbithole, a learn-and-earn platform where users can increase their knowledge of various projects in the broader crypto ecosystem by completing tasks, or “quests,” to earn rewards. Rabbithole provides educational experiences that help onboard people into Web3, aligning with the values of #DeFi4ThePeople. By launching Celo quests, Rabbithole provides a fun way for new users to “tour” the Celo ecosystem, explore new platforms and the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi), and earn CELO along the way.

A Rewarding Adventure In Learning

The first quest, listed below and in four parts, showcases one of Celo’s native dapps, Ubeswap, and the financial tools and services of two key DeFi applications, Sushi and PoolTogether. Each quest part represents an important building block within the Celo DeFi ecosystem, and many who embark on them will experience for the first time what it’s like to transact quickly and inexpensively on the Celo blockchain. To earn the equivalent of up to $20 in CELO rewards, users simply connect a wallet when prompted and complete all four parts of the quest.

Celo Quest

The Sushi, Ubeswap, and PoolTogether partnerships all enable new ways for Celo users to find new financial opportunities in the new digital economy and learn to get the most out of crypto.

The World Is Changing — Change With It

Rabbithole has built a platform for a changing world in which people are more curious than ever about blockchain and crypto tech. We are thrilled that Rabbithole is joining our mission to make DeFi accessible to the more than 6 billion smartphone users across the globe.

To learn more about DeFi for the People and the growing ecosystem of dapps on Celo bringing DeFi to everyone, visit the DeFi for the People website.

Disclaimer: Completing the Celo Quest involves participating in transactions that entail risks of loss. Users should review the risks of each protocol before participating.



On a mission to make DeFi accessible to 6 billion people with a mobile phone.

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