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DEFY: Operation Cadre — Bridging Alpha and Beta

- Operation Alpha
- Operation Beta
- Operation Cadre
- Updates and Upcoming Plans

Operation Alpha

After 5 Missions across 166 days, we are finally approaching the end of our very first Operation — Alpha on 26 September 2022 (2359 UTC).

Growth of the DEFY App

If you have been with us since Mission 1, the changes observed to the app have been significant over the months. From the addition of the Black Market and the various items such as decals, weapons, and mask mints, to the appearance of Future Systems’ Drones, even the overall user interface of the app has received a full makeover! With August being our biggest month of updates yet, players who joined us from Mission 4 would note the changes introduced to the app as development work has sped up notably as of Q3 2022.

App in its earliest iteration when at the beginning of Operation Alpha (left) vs current app layout (right)

Thank You, Operatives

The DEFY Team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our alpha testers for continually sharing feedback and suggestions over the months, including those who voiced negative sentiments respectfully, as they have helped us improve the overall gaming experience we have to offer. We appreciate the dedication and belief our community has in the project. In fact, a couple of individuals from our community have since joined the team in an official capacity to continue helping us grow moving forward, which means more exciting updates are in store coming your way soon!

Alpha vs Beta Phases

We would also like to re-iterate that the alpha phase of any project is typically earliest phase where the game is in its very first iteration, undergoing major changes through the development and building out of functionality and features. Similarly, when we get into the beta phase, please keep in mind that the project will still be in a phase of heavy development and changes are to be expected, including general fine-tuning to polish existing features as well as introduce new ones, in preparation for the eventual public launch.

Our goals for DEFY include a larger vision that aims to create a deeply engaging and fun location-based game. Though a great game takes time to build, your continued feedback along the way will always be appreciated.

Operation Beta

Key Developments Goals

As we inch closer to transitioning towards a beta phase, there are a series of key development goals that are being prepared to be ready in-line with the commencement of Operation Beta.

These include:

  • In-app Inventory System
  • Ability to Withdraw Tokens to Wallet
  • Mask and Operative Levelling System
  • Additional Weapons and Consumables
  • Map-based Loot Drops

While these features are actively being developed, we require additional time to have them ready for release alongside Operation Beta. We are still confident in officially transitioning to the beta phase within Q4 2022. Although a fixed date for beta may not be ready at this time, we plan on providing regular updates to note progress made on each of the aforementioned developments to keep the community in the loop on our overall progress towards beta.

Note: There will be no changes or delays to token unlocks for Alpha rewards.

A New Operation Awaits!

While we prepare for Operation Beta, some of you may have noticed a new character has recently introduced herself via our in-app messages. qu4rtz, the official quartermaster of DEFY, has also released an Intel Operative Badge in the Black Market (which over 500 of you have already acquired in the past 24 hours thus far!).

qu4rtz is one of several members of the DEFY Cadre that will be part of an upcoming Operation which will serve as a bridge between Alpha and Beta. While the DEFY Team works towards preparing for Operation Beta, the Cadres will guide our fellow Operatives through Operation Cadre.

Note: The Intel Operative Badge will be required in order to participate and earn rewards from Operation Cadre. It is tradeable and also unlocks exclusive access to participate in new missions within the eventual Operation Beta as well.

Operation Cadre

This Operation will serve as a transitional phase between Alpha and Beta, beginning immediately after Operation Alpha on 27 September 2022.

Players who choose to partake in this Operation will be introduced to members of the DEFY Cadre and be involved in an all-inclusive group mission which taps into our different language communities in an effort to work together towards a common goal.

An initial shared prize pool of 1,000,000 $DEFY (divided by all eligible Operatives) will kick off Operation Cadre with the very first mission, following which an additional 1,000,000 $DEFY will be added to the overall prize pool for every subsequent mission successfully completed by Operatives, with each new mission being unlocked with the completion of the previous mission.


  • Operatives will need to possess an Intel Operative Badge (acquired from the in-app Black Market) and partake in a minimum amount of gameplay throughout this period in order to be eligible for the bonus rewards offered via the shared prize pool. Specific instructions will be communicated by the Cadres at the start of the new Operation.
  • The total number of available missions within Operation Cadre will be dependent on the Operative’s collective progress towards completing them.

Daily Pledging of FCOIN and Earning of $DEFY

Please note the following with regards to regular gameplay participation for daily rewards cap throughout this period, not including bonus rewards specific to participating in Operation Cadre.

  • Existing boosted pledging rates (ranging from 25:1 to 50:1 from Alpha Mission 5) will remain the same until Operation Beta commences.
  • Daily earnings per mask will return to 100 $DEFY as it was in earlier missions.
  • Taking down Collector and Hunter Drones will reward 5 and 10 $DEFY respectively, which will be part of the 100 $DEFY cap per mask.
  • Hacking of unique towers daily will reward 2 $DEFY, while being the first Operative to hack a tower that has never been hacked before will reward 10 $DEFY. These rewards will also be part of the 100 $DEFY cap per mask.
  • Both Operation-specific bonus rewards and general tokens earned during this period will be unlocked on 31 December 2022, 4 days after Alpha Mission 5’s unlock period.

Updates and Upcoming Plans

Expanding Playtest to Community Members

Invitations to participate in the testing of new features pre-release are currently being sent out to select community members in efforts to gather a wider range of initial feedback to make necessary tweaks (if any) to optimise the gaming experience before officially releasing them. This is to prevent situations of releasing a new feature without having carried out sufficient testing.

First Alpha Mission Token Unlock

The first token unlock for Alpha rewards will be happening on 27 October 2022. As communicated in a previous article, tokens unlocked will be emitted daily over the span of 1 month. This means there will be times of overlap with tokens from multiple unlocks emitting at the same time since subsequent mission rewards are scheduled to unlock 15 days after the previous.

We are also currently working on adding further value and utility to the token over the next few weeks. These include items mentioned under the key development goals above.

Marketing Efforts

While the strongest marketing push will be geared towards our eventual public launch, we do have plans surrounding our beta phase as well.

As our developers work towards getting key features ready for beta, the marketing team will be beginning preparations to roll out a beta campaign. This includes planning engaging in-game missions specific to Operation Beta that taps into new features, as well as reaching out to several Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to create DEFY Game Reviews which showcases upcoming beta features in addition to the existing gameplay. Other marketing efforts to gain exposure for the project will also be undertaken.

Community Update (Video)

In case you missed it, our CEO (Brent) and one of our co-founders (Michael) got together to share updates covering a wide range of topics surrounding DEFY, including a live demo of gameplay that is currently in development as well as more information on other features coming ahead through the rest of 2022.

Watch the video (or read the summarised article) here.

A live AMA session will be held over Twitter Spaces tomorrow (23 September 2022) alongside our CEO (Brent) and one of our co-founders (Ben) to answer any questions from the community.

You can ask questions in advance via the #ama-questions channel on our Discord server or join us live to ask your questions after existing questions asked in advance are addressed.

About DEFY

DEFY is passionate about building the next generation tools and platforms that allow users to view and interact with NFTs and other digital collectibles in the real world. DEFY’s vision of the metaverse is one that involves merging the virtual and physical worlds in a compelling and inspiring way.

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