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[Master List] DEFY Articles All-in-One

This page serves as a master list for your convenience in searching through all of our published articles to date, which will be continually updated with each new article published moving forward (last update: 22 September 2022).

Each article has been assigned a code (e.g. “E04” or “A013”) in an effort to categorise them to make it easier navigating through the different types of articles published.


E— Relevant Reading (English)
M — Monthly Overview Articles
— Technical Blogs by Devs
J — Japanese Articles
A — Archived Articles (no longer relevant)

Tip: Use ‘Ctrl+F’ and type E0, T0, M0, J0 or A0 for a shortcut to the relevant section

List of Articles

Relevant Reading (English)

E12 DEFY: Operation Cadre — Bridging Alpha and Beta
E11 — [Video] Community Update — September 2022
Updates to Uprising Masks Mint
E09 Sneak Peek into Current Developments
E08 Operation Alpha — The Final Mission
E07 DEFY Tokenomics
E06 Updates to On-Chain & In-Game $DEFY and Uprising Masks Mint
E05 Update on DEFY Alpha Tokens and Future Plans
E04Introduction to Mask Decals
E03DEFY Gameplay Mechanics & Roadmap Overview
E02DEFY: Operation Alpha
E01[Walkthrough] Beginner’s Guide to DEFY

Monthly Overview Articles

M01 August 2022

Technical Articles

T03 (August 2022) Game Updates
T02(July 2022) Product Development Update
T01 (May 2022) Product Development Update

Japanese Articles

J05Polkastarter IDO の DEFY アラウリストが公開されました!
J03Uprising マスクをカスタマイズするデカールNFTの紹介
J02 — Gen2マスクの性能やミントについて、知っておくべきことすべて

Archived Articles (no longer relevant)

A020Everything to Know About Uprising Masks, Mechanics & Minting
A019 Expanding the Revolution: Generation 2 Mask Mint
A018$DEFY is LIVE. Welcome to the Revolution!
A017KYC for $DEFY IDO on Polkastarter Now Closed
A016DEFY allowlist for Polkastarter IDO is now live!
A015$DEFY Token Launch (IEO) with Bybit Launchpad
A014Guide to Minting a DEFY Uprising Mask (Phase 1)
A013Update on Alpha Rewards and IDO/IEO Listing
A012Genesis Phase 2 Mint Overview
A011Guide to Minting a DEFY Genesis Mask (Phase 2)
A010DEFY Alpha Gameplay Walkthrough
A009 DEFY token IDO is coming to Polkastarter!
Alpha Benefits of Holding a DEFY Genesis Mask
A007Update to Genesis Mask Minting (Phase 2)
A006Guide to Minting a DEFY Genesis Mask (Phase 1)
A005Introduction to DEFY Genesis Masks
A004DEFY x Phantom Galaxies Collaboration
A003Whitelist Invitation Card for Genesis Minting (Phase 1)
A002Introduction to Genesis Mask Minting Phases and Invitation Cards
A001Introduction to DEFY

About DEFY

DEFY is passionate about building the next generation tools and platforms that allow users to view and interact with NFTs and other digital collectibles in the real world. DEFY’s vision of the metaverse is one that involves merging the virtual and physical worlds in a compelling and inspiring way.

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