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4 principles for shipping good design when everything’s on fire 🔥

Or: How to make friends and influence (product) people

You may recognise some of these responses.
…and none of them see the light of day.

What are the requirements of good design?

Good design needs to solve a problem.

‘Sell the problem, find a solution’ — Stanley Wood

Ok, now that’s sorted, we need to sell the problem. But it’s still really hard to get through to people!

Prescriptive request, no time/desire for exploration into the problem
The problem definition isn’t convincing enough, or the product owner ‘knows better’
Solving the problem isn’t ‘useful’ for the business or team goals
Despite believing in the problem, the product owner has a prescriptive solution in mind

Let’s be better. Let’s lead from within.

Who would you rather work with?

Ok, so what are these 4 principles?

Principle One: Make People Look Good

Help me help you… Help me, help you… (This isn’t the only Jerry Maguire quote)

Principle Two: Tell a good story

Use all your skills to convince — even if that means diving into pixels.

Principle Three: Be Pragmatic, not Dogmatic

Hey look, you just made a new friend!

Principle Four: Quit whining, Own the problem

Sometimes it pays to be crafty, and have a wide view of who values what

In Summary

Most importantly, the Deliveroo Design Team is hiring! Check us out at and follow us on twitter at @deliveroodesign



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