If you can draw these three shapes, you can draw the Internet

Apple watch? Basically a rectangle with soft corners.

Words get in the way.

Quick sketch of Indiana Jones from the Raiders era.
Raphael drawing Big Mike’s David from the rear in 1504 (and our crude shape drawing of his study)
Robots by @erqiudao find her here: https://twitter.com/erqiudao

What about Sketch?

Draw down to the bones

A typical grid ribcage for a news or content site.
More UI explorations, this time with circles and squares
From Sketch to Mocks (with the Design team at Twitter)
Early work for a discovery experience at Twitter

Conceptual Art

Design Story

Complements to the human condition.

    James Buckhouse

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    Head of Design at Sequoia Capital and Founder of SequoiaDesignLab.com Ex-Twitter, Ex-Dreamworks. Guest lecturer at Stanford’s GSB and d.school

    Design Story

    Complements to the human condition.