Make every story tell

If you have been entrusted with telling the story of a company, focus on the people who use your service, not the product.

Start with a fundamental human need.

Every product decision should be grounded in a fundamental human need: connecting, sharing, growing, helping, or learning.

People don’t have a fundamental human need to click a button, but they do have a need to help their families be safe, to empower their children succeed, to conspire with their friends to have fun.

People power products. Customers enable profits. The goodwill of the people you are trying to serve is your most valuable conduit for peer advocacy. Optimize for a message your audience can repeat.

High-level idea: identify the human need your product provides. If you do not provide a fundamental human need—adjust.

Low-down on how to do it: Design research, user testing, interviews. Look for the gap between what is and what could be.

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