They’re Talking About You

How do people describe you when you’re not there? Take control of the conversation — your next promotion will count on it.

“All major decisions about your career will be made when you are not in the room,” Harris said. “How do you want people to describe you when you aren’t in the room? Pick three adjectives that really describe who you are. Authenticity is important. However, pick three adjectives that are also valued in your organization.” — Carla Harris

Creative, Driven, Curious

Why 3 Adjectives?

Step One: Do Your Research, Gather Adjectives

The Google Form I used to gather my research

Step Two: Map & Analyze Your Adjectives

Interactive Diagram of All Adjectives

Step 3: Where is the (Current) Center of Gravity?

The center of gravity around Creative, Drive, and Curious

Step 4: Where Do I Need to Grow?

Links between Creative and Leader: Knowledgeable and Smart

They’re Talking About You — Take Control of the Conversation

3 Adjectives Exercise Re-cap

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