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DFX Finance

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DFX liquidity mining for v0 and v0.5 will end approximately June 3 2021 1:00–2:00 AM UTC.

In preparation for our v1 launch, liquidity providers will need to migrate their liquidity from the v0 pools to the v1 pools. To do so, visit to unstake your BPT tokens, and withdraw your stablecoins from the following Balancer pools:

CADC <> USDC: 0x77e8560bC23FDf3C7A93c6f8E6C295D6088A9889

EURS <> USDC: 0x249dda6b483F3fde86cd1937E825f0901c1151f3

XSGD <> USDC: 0x78C281090399EbC2d720595654B908Ed31cD8bCb

Liquidity providers in the v0.5 pools will have their liquidity automatically shifted to v1 next week when it goes live. There is…

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Today we’re pleased to announce the beta release of the DFX AMM. This AMM is designed specifically for forex and is not a generalized AMM. This new AMM is uniquely built for low volatility trading of currency pairs.

New and Unique Features:

  1. We leverage an oracle powered by ChainLink to provide external FX price feeds into the pricing engine.
  2. We backtest our currency pairs with historical FX data to set and optimize the price range in order to maximize capital efficiency and minimize slippage. (coming V1)
  3. Each currency is paired with USDC. USDC will act…

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February was a spectacular month for DFX. DFX closed a $5M seed round led by Polychain Capital and True Ventures. Our liquidity mining program went live and now DFX has almost $40M locked in liquidity pools. I wanted to take some time right now to recap some of the events that led up to our launch and lay out the roadmap for the future.

The Journey

DFX was incubated in the midst of DeFi Summer with lots of sleepless nights keeping up with the latest yield farming projects and strategies. At the time…

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What is DFX?

While most stablecoins today are pegged to the USD, this leaves out the rest of the world. DFX is here to change that.

DFX is a decentralized foreign exchange protocol focused on foreign stablecoins.

In the coming months and years, the team will focus on three key aspects of the ecosystem:

  1. Building a hyper-efficient AMM optimized for foreign stablecoins
  2. Seek out stablecoin issuers around the world and their on/off-ramps
  3. Incentivizing and bootstrapping liquidity for these stablecoins

The eventual AMM will also make use of a dynamic bonding curve constantly adjusted by…

DFX Finance

Decentralized foreign exchange protocol optimized for stablecoin

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