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Crypto Public Relations: Ditto PR’s Web3 Experience

Trey Ditto
Ditto PR’s TrendComms
1 min readOct 5, 2023


Ditto has the best crypto portfolio of any PR firm. Period. Why?

  • We are senior level PR professionals
  • Our staff average is 5 years in crypto
  • Oh…and we care about our clients. It’s personal to me — to be the best at what we do.

Just look at September Media Coverage + August Media Coverage

TL;DR: 4 CNBC hits in September, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Axios, TechCrunch, Reuters, CoinDesk, Unchained, Blockworks — to name a few.

Beyond the coverage, there are other things that matter:

  1. Employees stay for over 3 years — So we don’t have turnover on accounts.
  2. Crypto clients stay at Ditto for 3.5 years — Because we deliver month-over-month coverage.
  3. We provide proactive strategy and ideas — We see trends and insert clients into them.

Sassy but true: Our biggest challenge is convincing crypto projects that we are different than their past PR firm.

They are skeptical. But then I get a text like this one “Thank God I hired Ditto and listened to Trey.” Literally got that text this weekend.

trey@dittopr.co if you want to know more



Trey Ditto
Ditto PR’s TrendComms

CEO of Ditto PR, A Fast Moving PR Firm the combines Strategy + Results AI / Web3 / Fintech / Edtech