Links: Snapchat Stories full thumbnail, Instagram’s algorithmic feed 3.15.16 (#3)

Snapchat now shows full thumbnails on Stories

My Snapchat idea designs show thumbnails that are full circles. Previous to this last Snapchat app update, the circle thumbnails were only partially visible depending on how much time of 24 hours was available, so in some cases half or more of the circle thumbnail was not visible. Another of my product ideas suggests including multiple thumbnails.

Instagram’s post about algorithmic ranking

I look forward to using the algorithmic ranking of Instagram. I’m excited to check out the posts most recommended. In general, seeing the advance of technology for understanding images and understanding what posts people may be most interested in seeing suggests that both now and in time having algorithmic ranking is very useful. Clearly algorithmic ranking has been great for people using Facebook, and I think ranking also enables and encourages people to view and share more knowing that the algorithmic can help figure out when to share with whom.

Google Maps for accessing Uber and more for rides

I think that this is quite useful. Opportunity is to continue to see estimates about time and expected price for using each ride service. Google Maps actually shows estimates for both UberX and Black Car which itself is an improvement on Uber which requires that you tap between each of UberX or Black Car to find a ride, which is especially relevant when UberX has surge pricing and may cost the same as Black Car. I’m curious if Uber may update the app to enable to see both.