Idea: Add someone as a contributor to a brand/media/business Story to automatically post or review each post, include attribution when Stories are posted by another account, & swipe up twice to view a contributor’s Story 4.26.2016 (#131)

Purpose is to enable people to have contributors to a Story such as for brands/businesses and even in some cases for specific people. Consider that contributors could only post either their own Story or a Story they are contributing to for a focus on unique content, or instead allow to post to both as is currently provided for when people share to their Story and a geo Story.

Long press Friend 3 then Settings then add as a contributor, then swipe to Camera to make a photo then Add to Story for the “Account Contributing 1 Story” then post and note that the Story posted automatically, then see the annotation that a Story has another contributor, then tap to open the Story and swipe up twice to view the contributor’s Story. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Press release:

  • Title: Contribute to a Story :)
  • Introduction: Easily add contributors to your Story such as your employees or partners to help contribute fun and interesting Snaps! Give permission to post automatically or require review before each Story post is made.

Snapchat & social products today:

  • “Snapchat account takeovers” is something that a number of people are doing. For example, TripIt has had a number of travel snappers post to the main TripIt account.
  • A benefit of account takeovers is that there is content from people who have experiences to share.
  • An account takeover can also provide some guidelines for what content to expect, so even with multiple people contributing with their own style, there is still some commonality to what approach is used.
  • A challenge with getting someone else to post to your Snapchat Story is that currently this requires giving the username/password.
  • A challenge with someone posting to your Snapchat Story is that partly this may be done to provide some marketing of that person and so promoting more followers requires talking about that in the video, and then following the person may require screenshot of a snap code or remembering and typing the username to add 2 or more swipes away.
  • Facebook and Twitter have the ability to reshare content which can highlight another person’s account.
  • For example, a news website today may reshare a post by someone who is on their staff.
  • Snapchat does not permit resharing content inside of the app, so focus is on what content is made using the internal camera.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on Stories view. Long press on Friend 3 to open the window that shows Chat, Snap and Settings.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Then tap “Add Story contributor” to add Friend 3 as a contributor to your Story. Note that the text under says “Contributed Stories automatically post” — so tap that text which changes the text to “You approve each Story post.”
  4. Tap outside of the box to go back to Stories view, then swipe to the Camera.
  5. Tap to make a photo, then tap “Add to Story” which default selects “Add to My Story” and shows “Add to NYC Story” because you are in the NYC geo, and includes “Add to Account Contributing 1” Story because you were added as a contributor to the account Account Contributing 1.
  6. Tap on “Add to Account Contributing 1” to select, which also automatically removes the selection of “Add to My Story” because you can only contribute to either your story or one of any Stories you are a contributor.
  7. Tap to post and note that the Story was posted to the Account Contributing 1 Story. You can see that Account Contributing 1 does not require review because the Story that you follow also updated “Just now.” If there was a review, then the Story for Account Contributing 1 under “Recently updated” would not have updated but the “Account Contributing 1 Story” would have still updated so there is an ability to refer to see which Stories you have submitted including if some Stories aren’t approved. Note also that there is an annotation added “Some by My Name” to indicate you posted.
  8. Note Known Person 5 and the annotation “Some by Contributor’s Name 1.” Tap on Person 5 to view Story. Note that “Known Person 5” appears at the top and the person who contributed to the Story appears in the lower left as “Contributor’s Name 1.”
  9. Swipe up to chat, then note there is an arrow up for “Contributor’s Name 1 Story” so swipe up and you can view the Story and note the arrow down to swipe down to go back.


  • Opportunity is to enable other accounts to provide content for other accounts and to get attribution on the lower left of the screen.
  • Opportunity is to also provide a way to see Stories posted by the other person as well as even to follow that person’s account.
  • A use case example is writers/media creators in an organization posting to a shared Story for that organization. Someone may not want to follow all of those people but may enjoy a summary version.
  • So essentially this is a way to create an edited version of a main Story that is comparable to what Snapchat does for making geo specific Stories.
  • Note that any Story submitted to another account requires approval by that other account to be posted. A reason for this is to be sure that the main account wants to post that content. Another reason is for the person submitting the Story to try a number of different posts in case there are some ideas that may be wanted to be used.
  • Or, as shown tap to change so that no review is required for posts added to your Story to go live.
  • Alternatively, provide a way to default post if not reviewed within a certain amount of time such as 1 hour, so that way Stories can be posted without a wait but there is at least an opportunity to look at posts before being posted.
  • Note that posting to another Story means that you cannot post that same Story to any other Story. A reason is that purpose is to not have redundant content, and for any post to that other Story to be specifically for that account and so to be personalized.
  • Alternatively, posting to another account’s Story and your own Story could be permitted, but if someone views the duplicate Story on one account then that Story should be marked as “read” and so not appear when playing the other Story. A reason for this is to try to avoid duplication of content.
  • Alternatively, if posting to your account and another account, then perhaps this content would be considered part of reshares. Here’s an idea I posted about how reshares could work:
  • The ability to add a Story contributor could be available to all users, or available only to particular users such as verified accounts, or for brands, including possibly as a premium feature.
  • A reason to not do this is that Stories should be by the people who have the account, and that enabling people to share to other Stories could be confusing to users.
  • Alternatively, show contributed Stories separate from the main Story.
Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets