Tips and Tricks for DEVCON at Cancun. From a Mexican.

As many of you know Devcon 3 is being hosted in Cancún, México. So as a Mexican I wanted to share with you some knowledge I have so you can enjoy your time. Here it goes!

Cancun is the most visited city in México, we have dozens of the most beautiful white sand and clear water beaches in the world, it’s a very touristy place which makes it a super safe place to go around, so don’t worry! You can visit every point of attraction feeling safe, don’t let news scare you. Just leave those ledger nanos at home! jkjk, It’s a super friendly city and mostly everyone speaks english.

There is Uber available from the Airport but taxis will fight them so they can take you, but around the city you can easily order Uber for cheaper price.

There are tons of Hotels you can pick from or just grab an airbnb, just try to stay on the black line in the map, I wouldn’t suggest to stay at downtown cancun, it’s kind of far and there is really nothing interesting to see.

Cancun Convention Center is located at the most touristic spot in whole Cancun, across the street you have most of the hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. It’s a super safe zone and police is all around.


We use Mexican Pesos, the exchange rate is around
1 USD=19 pesos 1 Euro=22.5 pesos

You can use your credit card almost everywhere, but get some pesos in case you need them, airport and hotels provide exchange services but the rates are pretty bad, so the best thing to do is use a debit card on an ATM.


There is seriously a lot of stuff to do, so take a few extra days after devcon or you will regret!


I suggest you take a full day for every attraction and book ahead on their website. Or book itwith an Tour Agency.

Xcaret (Must go)
Subaquatic museum of Art. (scuba)
Cenotes/Xenotes (Natural pits, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath) (you can dive in)
Mayan Museum
Snorkel/Scuba Coral Reefs (Must go)
Xplor park


Cirque du Soleil Joyà (Must go)(book ahead)
Xcaret at Night
Coco Bongo Club

Other Beaches/cities you MUST visit:

If you have the time you will not regret visit these smaller cities, they have amazing resorts, restaurants, and breathtaking exclusive beaches.

Playa del Carmen (Must go) 1Hr from Cancun— Ferry to Cozumel Island 
Tulum (book here)
Isla Mujeres
Chac Mool beach


Chichén Itzá (famous mayan pyramids) 3 Hours to get there.
Whale watching, not the kind of whales you are use to see in crypto!
Mayan Ruins Zona Arqueologica San Miguelito, Coba, El Rey Ruins


These are some delicious, but Exclusive restaurants 30–80 USD pp.

Puerto Madero

BUT Don’t forget to try some real tacos! Yes, soft tortilla.


I guarantee you will have an amazing time if you hang out, Cancun parties every single night, and nightclubs get super crowded with thousands of people. Most of clubs have 1 special night, so ask around to see which is the hottest on.

Usually people will come close to you on the street to sell tickets, so I suggest you ask for the price at the place you want to go before buying it from them. (usually they have good deals but don’t let them fool you. (super safe place to hang out)

Mandala Beach (10:30am to 5pm) everyday and tuesday opens at night
The City
Coco Bongo
Coralina (day light club) Must go (Playa del carmen)
Mamitas Beach (day light club) (Playa del carmen)
Senor Frogs
Hard Rock Cafe

The City


Groceries: oxxo/7eleven
Alcohol: La playa, La Europea
Supper Market: Soriana, Walmart, Chedraui, Superama.
Fashion Shopping: La isla Cancun

Random Advise:

Tips: Usually not included but I suggest 10–15% on restaurants and bars.
Water: Don’t drink from the tab, get bottled water.
Weather:Usually sunny and awesome weather, water temperature is perfect so don’t forget your swimming suit and waterproof sunscreen.
Walking: Cars usually don’t respect pedestrians, so be carefull!
Don’t walk alone/drunk at night. 066 (emergency number)

We will also having an crypto event party, but more on that later. (email me about details or if you are interested to sponsor.)

Also I would Appreciate if you take a look at the Meme Blockchain project we are developing and share your thoughts!

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I Hope you find everything you need in here, so relax and have fun!