To Russia with ETH! — Meet our latest 7ETH winner!

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Oct 22 · 5 min read

Helene joins our previous winners and collects some big ETH!

Hi DozerFriends!

Time for some more amazing news! We couldn't be happier to add another person to our ever-growing Crypto Rich club! With another resplendent 7ETH its time to welcome not just a new player but a new country to the group!

Let’s get to know a bit more about the skillful player!

I still can’t believe it, I have never won anything like this!

That’s the very first words from our latest winner when we caught up to talk about her awesome win with CryptoDozer.

While it may be her first time winning something like this, she’s no stranger to Crypto. In fact, she’s already been involved in testing out the Verity project and it's there where she came across CryptoDozer!

My name is Helene and I am Russian. I am fond of cryptocurrencies and trading. I spend my non-crypto time working as a translator.

I was waiting for payments for test version participation of Verity and monitoring my wallet on the Etherscan. There I saw your ad.

I was nervous because the Verity project closed, so I decided this time to try something more comfortable (and play dolls).

Well, we bet Helene is glad she did now! Even more impressive is that despite being no Crypto novice, she’d never played a crypto game before!

I have not played games of this type before, only betting and options.

I had heard about “cryptocats” before, but in fact, I never played such games. This is the first.

Yes, you read that right, cryptocats, not CryptoKitties, see Helene is no stranger to crypto. When asked “How does CryptoDozer compare to other games you played?” Helene’s response showed her calmness in the Crypto World.

It is not my first day in crypto, so for me, it’s normal!

Rock on Helene with that crypto confidence! As you might have guessed our 7ETH winner is on the money by playing logically and sensibly. So, we shouldn't be surprised that not only could she tell us when she started playing but the exact date that she had her fist withdrawal!

For the sake of interest, I conducted an analysis -
about $ 1,000 was invested. However, I might have to admit this is almost a full-fledged addiction.

Analysis of the blockchain has shown that the first payout was 6.06.

See, Helene here is fast on her way to being not just a Crypto Rich Club member but also a Crypto Expert. However, it’s not all analysis and planning, CryptoDozer does have some added charm!

I found that falling coins have an anti-stress effect, and I really like to open those chests. The coin falling is definitely a calming thing, it’s a big reason for me playing!

As with all our big winners, we asked Helene if she had any special tips or tricks to share, while she may claim to not have had any particular tricks. She did share an interesting part of her technique.

…after some time, I realized that I need to use the spin wheel less often to save space in my bag…

She also shared quick advice on those prime packs with a cautionary tale.

I spoiled the first one because I didn’t understand that it needs to be unpacked every day.

We’re sure that 7ETH win more than makes up for that learning curve! Remember how we said Helene was no stranger to crypto! Well, check out her plans for the super 7ETH!

I want to open all my chests, so I’ll probably spend some part on the keys to do that. However, my salary is delayed this month, and I must pay for the electric power for my ASIC miner. So, a part of it will be spent there!

Improvements I’d like to see, consider launching a similar project in the eos ecosystem. Another big one would be that I tried to play your other game, DozerBird as well, is it possible to develop its own desktop version? I don’t like tapping smartphones and touchscreens.

Funny you should ask that Helene….

Helene and her awesome win are just one of an ever-growing number of big winners with the DozerFriends game series.

Check out a small selection of former big wins below! Every single person can earn with CryptoDozer and we can’t wait to see more players joining the Crypto Rich club!

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Think you can join the growing ranks of Crypto Rich and be one of our big ETH winners?

There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH waiting to be collected. Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win:


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