Australian Lifestyle Platform HarkHark Joins DREP Chain

Australian E-commerce Platform HarkHark joins DREP Foundation’s network to accelerate user growth and traffic monetization.

G’day, Australia! DREP is coming to your town!

Since first commercial MoU signed with the Dubai-based lifestyle platform Comebey, DREP Foundation has yet again inked another partnership with HarkHark, the bilingual platform that helps local business reaching more Asian customers in Australia. HarkHark offers an open online B2C marketplace where people discover and save on amazing things to buy, eat, see and do. So far, it has covered 6 main cities in Australia and still maintains a fast growth.

Founded in 2013 by a group of talented Chinese individuals, HarkHark focuses on providing two main streams of services: travel and food. Their slogan is: “Discover Australia’s Best.” On their user-friendly mobile app, users can find the latest travel products ranging from whale watching trips to stand-up comedy shows, among which the most popular was the ticket to EKKA Royal Queensland Show, sold 3067 times.

With the discounted prices, HarkHark has gained its popularity among its users throughout Australia. In addition, HarkHark also provides a convenient go-to option for Asian foodies. Whether it is Japanese sushi or spicy Sichuan hotpot, you can always find something catered to your taste, referenceable by authentic user reviews and available for either pick-up or delivery.

Yet, despite its overall success, HarkHark still faces a few challenges that many E-commerce platforms encounter:
1. Low traffic monetization => window shoppers who don’t buy
2. Lack of economic incentives for users => ideal behaviours such as leaving reviews and ratings aren’t being rewarded
3. Difficulty in filtering/identificating low-quality sellers’ accounts => can’t easily distinguish the good options from the bad

This is where DREP’s decentralized reputation can come into help. With the signing of the MoU between two entities, DREP Foundation will provide a decentralized reputation mechanism to quantify and monetize users’ reputation value into a running token economy. Users who have made meaningful contributions on HarkHark’s platform will get token rewards, which structure an ecosystem and solve the problems above.

How will it work specifically? In the initial stage, users can be incentivized by the social mining mechanism via DREP’s reputation protocol. Later with a developed DREP chain and blockchain technology, the high-performance infrastructure will be implemented on HarkHark’s platform, including all the DApps and one-step tokenization plan. Other add-on services will also help HarkHark with fake account identification and target user acquisition in the Australian market.

We believe this cooperation will truly make a win-win situation for both parties, since one mission of DREP Foundation is to enable different platforms (including E-commerce, Social, Tool and Content platforms) to benefit from the upcoming blockchain technology and create a data sharing platform where reputation pays off.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks ahead.

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