Chronicles on the road: Warsaw

Vanja Nedić — The capital city of Poland has always been fascinating to me. It is said that this is the only Eastern European city with a skyline resembling some of the great western cities. Unfortunately, the whole day was foggy outside, so it was impossible to capture the skyline in a picture. In the morning I couldn’t even see the Palace of Culture — the most famous and representative building in Warsaw (and my orientation point as well).

The modern city center, containing all the new business buildings and shopping malls, is located only 15 minutes-stroll from the traditional Rynek, which also features plenty of restaurants. This is what I love most about Warsaw: although there is a significant difference between these two old & new worlds, they are so close and so connected to each other, that you can work in the crazy busy modern part and then come to relax in the old one. At one point we were in the underpass, right in the middle of the new city center, and I started to feel anxious about getting back on the surface; there were so many people around us, so many noises and voices, just like a true capital city sounds!

And one can’t say he really visited the capital city of Poland if he hasn’t eaten pierogi, right? The entire country is in love with this homemade dumplings, so we just had to go for it. We even bought the smaller portions, which was already too much, but we ate them all — that’s how delicious they are!

One of my favorite thing in Warsaw is the Nikołaj Kopernik monument. The great astronomer deserves a proper recognition for his work and this is for sure one of the nicest ways to pay respect for everything he had done. Also, the monument features the solar system, so you can always wake up your inner child and daydream among the planets!

At the end of the day, we decided to take dinner somewhere outside Warsaw. Actually, I decided we should go there, as it was my wish for a long time now to go to a Serbian restaurant located nearby the city. It’s so hard to find my traditional food in this part of the world so I just took this opportunity and don’t regret it at all. It tasted like home!

The Eastern Chronicles Poland road trip takes place between March 7th — 15th, so stay tuned for daily stories!

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