ECOMI X Epiko Regal

Epiko Regal- a tower defense game available on Android and iOS- utilizes the OMI token for gameplay benefits and NFT purchases.



Update: The Epiko Marketplace is undergoing updates and will be re-launched on Polygon zkEVM. More information will be provided when the marketplace is live, including instructions on purchasing Epiko NFTs with OMI tokens. Until the new marketplace is live, play and earn functionality is limited to Epiko tokens only.

Epiko Regal is a mobile gaming and entertainment app designed and developed by Wharf Street Studios. Imbued with augmented reality features, the tower defense game introduces thousand-year-old legends and ancient superheroes of the East to fans around the world through gameplay, digital motion comics, NFTs, and in-app competitions.

The gaming application is just one part of the wider Epiko universe, and OMI token holders will soon be able to use their tokens for a range of benefits and utilities in the Epiko Regal marketplace including purchasing NFTs, accessing in-game items and collectibles, and exclusive access to EPIKO token packages and hero NFTs.

Those strong enough to rise to the top also stand to take home OMI token prizes thanks to Epiko Regal’s tournament-style gameplay and the integration of play-to-earn mechanics!

Epiko Regal

Epiko Regal is a strategic mobile gaming and entertainment application featuring cinematic comics and upgradeable augmented reality collectibles. To supplement the gameplay of the app, players can also build their NFT collections through the Epiko Marketplace with Epiko mythological characters, metaverse items, comics, 2D & 3D collectibles, emojis, mystery rooms, and hero NFTs.

The game itself is a tower defense game, initially played against AI, with peer-to-peer play in development, and a range of community initiatives such as tournaments, super leagues, team play, and quests to follow thereafter.

ECOMI X Epiko Regal

The OMI token is your key to enjoying a range of experiences within the Epiko Regal ecosystem.

Epiko Marketplace

The Epiko Regal marketplace is built on layer 1 Ethereum and is expected to be live to the public by the end of August at The Epiko NFT Marketplace offers a range of collectible NFT assets from the game itself, namely, warriors, weapons, powers, cinematic comics, and mystery stones, which can be purchased using either OMI tokens or ETH.

When a user purchases any NFT collectible on the Epiko Marketplace with OMI, that user will receive a redemption code that can be used within the Epiko Regal application to receive a range of items, including:

  • Free Gems
  • Gold coins
  • Crackers
  • XP points
  • AR collectible of the character purchased as an NFT

EPIKO Token Packages

Epiko Regal also offers their own token (EPIKO), which grants holders a range of benefits within the wider ecosystem. Thanks to this partnership, there is an initial allocation of EPIKO tokens (8.5 million) that are only available to purchase with OMI tokens. ⭕

EPIKO token holders are given access to discounts, exclusive NFTs and content, early access to new collectibles, the ability to upgrade your in-game warriors, entry to tournaments, and more.

As the Epiko universe expands, holders of the EPIKO token are also entitled to bid on metaverse items such as virtual rooms (throne rooms, kings chamber, mystical planets, etc…), which can be purchased using OMI tokens or ETH.

Epiko Heroes

With an initial focus on the Indian market, the Epiko marketplace is creating an exclusive space to curate and launch special NFTs based on iconic heroes.

Access to EPIKO hero NFTs will only be available to OMI token holders, and can be bid on/purchased using OMI or ETH.

Epiko Events

The Epiko team also has a range of in-person events planned. Aside from exhibits and demonstrations, these events will offer fans exclusive and limited edition physical versions of their favorite Epiko Regal heroes, which can be purchased at the event using fiat, OMI tokens, or ETH.

Epiko Superleague and Tournament

Epiko Regal incorporates a number of play-to-earn mechanics, offering token prizes and exclusive NFTs to tournament winners and those players who attain certain ranks/trophies within the game.

Each year, Epiko Regal will host four exclusive events for gamers to showcase their skills, two super league competitions (solo play) and two tournaments (team play).

In order to participate, players must be holding either OMI or EPIKO tokens, and winners stand to take home the coveted ‘OMI Pot’- a prize pool of OMI tokens, in-app assets, and gift vouchers.

The OMI prize pool will be equal to 20% of all OMI collected from the sale of NFTs, per tournament/per quarter!

OMI Burn 🔥

As an added bonus for OMI token holders, 10% of all OMI collected on the Epiko Regal Marketplace will also be returned to the OMI Reserve Wallet each quarter to be burnt by the sale of VeVe digital collectible NFTs.

Collecting NFTs with OMI!

The Epiko ecosystem is built on Layer 1 Ethereum which allows for scalability and lightning-fast confirmation times while leveraging the security and flexibility of Ethereum and its constituents.

When the marketplace goes live you will be able to purchase Epiko NFTs and token packages directly with Layer 1 OMI!

That means no bridging, no fear of hacks, and nothing new to learn to begin collecting your favorite Epiko NFTs and leveling up your gameplay.

How Do I Know If I Have Layer 1 OMI?

If you have purchased your OMI tokens on an exchange, or currently store them in an Ethereum wallet such as a Ledger, you have layer 1 OMI tokens. If you have OMI stored in the VeVe app wallet, you have LAYER 2 OMI tokens, and cannot use them to transact in the EPIKO marketplace.

Please follow these instructions to withdraw your layer 2 OMI back to layer 1 if you wish to use them.

Please only use the official links in this article to access the Epiko Marketplace ⚠️

Gas Fee Compensation

High Ethereum gas fees can be an annoyance for people exploring new opportunities in the blockchain space. The team at EPIKO has committed to reimbursing part of the Ethereum gas fees paid for those purchasing a large number of Epiko NFTs- up to 80% of gas fees paid- when buyers have purchased a minimum of 100 EPIKO NFTs.

Epiko Partners

Aside from our token partnership, the development team behind Epiko Regal- Wharf Street Studios- has also secured a range of industry partnerships to bring their gaming and metaverse visions to life:

  • Kaloscope- a first-generation NFT-oriented social media metaverse
  • India Gaming Guild (IndiGG)- A subDAO incubating play-to-earn games and gaming talent in India, whose mission is to improve access to p2e gaming in the country

Where Can I Learn More?

We are incredibly excited to offer OMI token holders with new utilities and uses for their tokens through this partnership, and will continue to explore future opportunities with Epiko as their ecosystem expands to bring added value to both the OMI & EPIKO token systems.

To learn more about Epiko Regal, the OMI token partnership, and to join their community please see the following:

We will also host an AMA with Venkatesh- the CEO of Wharf Street Studios- in the second week of May, so please be sure to join our announcement channel and follow us on socials so you don’t miss it.

Download Epiko Regal Today and Start Playing!

Epiko Regal is live now on both Android and iOS. You can download it now to start to build your team of ancient warriors, and prepare for the Epiko Superleagues and tournaments!

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