A Comic Book for All of Us, Especially Girls and Women, to Learn and Enjoy Computer Science

Read or download the comic book here.

I want to share with everyone a comic book I’m writing to accomplish two goals:

I hope this project will reduce the number of times people say, “I could never do computer science.” I’m here to tell you that if you’re reading this, at least one person with a Ph.D. in the field believes you already have what it takes to succeed and do amazing things in computer science, regardless of your gender, age, ethnicity, gender identity, background, or past education, and regardless of what anyone else has told you about the limits of your ability. We do ourselves no favors by letting biases and conformism limit the number of people who can develop new software and algorithms. The world needs as many skilled computer scientists as it can get, just like we could never have too many people skilled in medicine.

I also hope to keep learning about others’ experiences in computer science and other STEM fields to keep my current and future writing grounded in the realities of others’ stories. If you have a story or viewpoints about your experience with computer science that you’d like me to be aware of as I write, please share it with me, or even better, share it with everyone right here on Medium!

To clarify a few points, this comic book…

Happy computing, everyone! Special thanks to She++ and Women of Silicon Valley for their early support and encouragement of this project.

Read or download the comic book here.



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