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2 min readJun 11, 2018


Today, 11 June 2018, marks the official start of the testing of Elipay, Eligma’s solution for cryptocurrency payments at daily shopping. Elipay is the result of Eligma’s vision to make the benefits of blockchain technology part of the everyday shopping experience, which resulted in our dream to create Bitcoin City — an offline shopping ecosystem open to crypto payments and the underlying technologies. Luckily, we did not have to go far with our ideas. Eligma’s headquarters are located in BTC City, one of the biggest business and shopping centers in Europe. As a result of the partnership between Eligma and the BTC company, Bitcoin City is now becoming a reality. As the first crypto-friendly shopping mall in the world (with 24 stores offering Elipay and many more expected to join the project), BTC City (a.k.a. Bitcoin City) has created quite a media stir. In the last 10 days alone, we have recorded over 130 articles on this subject all over the globe. Here are some of the press highlights:

Eligma is an important milestone of an incredible business evolution: from a warehouse complex to the first fully crypto friendly shopping mall! (Newsbtc — Today’s Bitcoin News)

How is Eligma bringing crypto into the mainstream? It all started in a small country that is big on blockchain, but we aim to use this experience for a global outreach! (Nasdaq)

Crypto at every shop, hotel and bar? Eligma is certainly doing its part to make that possible for every shopper! (CryptoSlate)

Eligma explains the revolutionary highlights of the Bitcoin City shopping ecosystem — its roots, present and future. (CoinGeek)

Among others, we were featured on: Block-chain; Bitcoinmarketinsider; Bitcoincasinos; Bitcoin Block Explorer; Bitcoin Exchange Guide; CoinCapPrice; Coin Krypto; CoinWire; Crypto Breaking; Crypto news; Cryptodisrupt; Coin-hero; Cryptosvibe; The Cryptonomist; CryptosVibe; Journal du coin; Market Exclusive; RTTNews; Thriller Crypto; Toinnov; Zycrypto.

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