Why Exchange Listings Make All The Difference in Crypto

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2 min readFeb 7, 2021


We recently wrote an article about Elitium’s six points of focus for 2021. And we pinpointed one crucial area: ramping up efforts to list our cryptocurrency EUM on at least one new exchange every month this year.

Why set such a target? Because exchanges unlock access to new markets and new investors. And if we partner with the right ones in the right regions, we can boost our company growth over the next twelve months.

Well, that’s the short version. Now, let’s elaborate.

Exchange Listings Help EUM Grow

Elitium had a very good 2020, all things considered.

Progress with product development, the arrival of new partners and investors, alongside recent bullish market sentiment, have all helped propel us forward.

And today, our native token EUM sits in the top 3% of cryptocurrencies worldwide. We’re now ranked #222 on Coinmarketcap (that’s out of 8,200 cryptos in total) — with a market capitalization of roughly $150 million.

But Elitium is still very early in its journey.

Our focus this year is to make our wealth management platform known to as many users as possible. Which is what drove us to make 2021 the ‘Year of Integrations’ at Elitium. Doing so will broaden our horizons and bring plenty of new users into our ecosystem.

And we’re delighted to say: we’ve already secured integration number one.

EUM/USDT Now Available On BitMart

At the start of the year, we confirmed a new EUM trading pair on premier digital asset platform BitMart.

Users can now trade EUM/USDT using their BitMart account, creating yet another simple way to buy the world’s leading luxury cryptocurrency. (And don’t forget: if you stake EUM on the exchange, you can earn up to 7% staking rewards per year).

But that’s just for starters. We plan on making plenty more announcements like this one throughout the year.

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