First glimpse of EMMARES MVP — Tell us what you think pt.2

In the past week, we revealed our planned MVP, and presented the functionalities that EMMARES will enable.

The first part is available HERE.
We received great comments, emails and messages. Your opinion is what matters in the end and it is good to see that you like our idea of the upcoming MVP.

So for the second part of the introduction, we will go through the rest of the dashboard from a users point of view. The MVP presentation from marketers side will be published in the following days.

Achievements section

In the Achievements section, you will be able to see on what level you are based on your past activity, how much tokens you’ve earned all time and how many ratings you gave (how many emails you’ve rated).

One of the more important features is the Withdrawal section where you’ll see how many EMA tokens you have and can transfer them to your ETH Wallet.

Last but not least the section Account Settings is the usual site where you can see the General info, Change your password and Wallet Details.

As you can see, we really worked towards making our MVP and EMMARES user-friendly, simple to use and gave it a clean, modern look.

Hope you like it and stay tuned for the presentation of marketers Dashboard. 
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