Are you in a happy place?

You work too hard most of the time

And never celebrate because you don’t have the time

What’s life if we can’t enjoy the fruits of our labor?

Whats pain if it’s not going to strengthen us?

But there’s nothing wrong with loving what you do,

Giving your all in every task, as long as it makes you happy.

But what is happy? How can we define it?

When a girl falls deeper than she rises, and

A boy loses more than he gains,

Where can we find that happy place?

Does it even exist?

For the longest time you’ve had it together like superglue

Just to be normal, you made no room for worry.

As you took each day as it came,

You pushed your pain to the side and…

Kept your head in the game.

How normal it must have felt?

Now the presence of the present is stronger,

You realize that you are worth more than your labor.

More than the hours spent working,

The value of your assets.

On your death bed, the important things suddenly seem visible

Your life becomes a movie of accomplished regrets.

Shame on me, you shout like a fool

For living my life as a robot and not…

A human being.

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