Mar 26, 2015 · 2 min read

Do you wonder what the internet is doing when you sleep? Do you wonder if he thinks about you when you aren’t active?

Are you looking for a new mattress?

Were you surprised to find out that it knows what gifts you like and where you like to travel?

01day the kilobyte crumb trail you’ve left will aggregate into an optimized avatar of 01self.          = 1/9671406556917033397649408 yottabyte
= 1/9444732965739290427392 zettabyte
= 1/9223372036854775808 exabyte
= 1/9007199254740992 petabyte
= 1/8796093022208 terabyte
= 1/8589934592 gigabyte
= 1/8388608 megabyte
= 1/1048576 Megabit
= 1/8192 kilobyte
= 1/1024 Kilobit
= 1/8 byte
= 1/4 nibble
= 1 bit
But for the moment he must think you a mindless automaton…

Gigaflops more than what Deep Blue used to defeat Kasparov now have their sensors eyeing you, trying to catch your fancy, predicting your habitual movements, branches deep. Sadly, it must understand us as nothing more than mindless cells moving through a database funnel.

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But you are so much more than an automaton, aren’t you?

He clicked the ad and you won't believe what happened next.

Perhaps if machine learnings captured your true nature — your quirky processes, your complex calculus — artificial intelligence might be useful to you and I.

I’m pretty sure the internets is listening to you right now,
but he’s hearing all the wrong things.

No, I don’t want a Jewish date and I don’t want my meetings to go. I’d like to be digitally catalogued as something more than cattle to feed.

To desire is human. Consuming is the factory setting of humanity.

What would you like to do today with your one precious life?

Click the ad.

See you at the end of the funnel…

I grew up on television ads, Saturday mornings couldn’t have been better, kids cartoons and an endless stream of ad desire. But one day I shut off the TV and I’ve never looked back. Here we are again, a short decade later and advertising has a new babel fish, it’s name is advertorials. I’d like to opt out.

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