Standout With Our New Suite Of Innovative Tools For Brands

You’re working. You don’t have time to dive into new products often, especially when it’s 6 new products like we launched last week!

So, I’m going to make it easy. Here are 7 things you need to know about your soon-to-be work bestie:

The blog-as-newsroom thing is dead.

Because we just killed it. Thanks to a little Pitchengine reinvention, we’ve just shuttered the clunky process of posting news to your website (or your client’s website). No more logging into CMS systems like Wordpress just to re-share something that already exists online elsewhere. Newsboard works like Pinterest — just pin a news article, press release or social update right to your board, which serves as a replacement for your boring “bloggy” newsroom or the press page of web 1.0. Here’s a sample

Macy’s Newsboard

Brand assets should be easier. You’re welcome.

Assets” is a pretty straightforward, but necessary new product. Upload your logo files, marketing images, corporate head shots and more to your Assets page and link to them from your website so that people can find them. This is a great way to provide something a little extra to your clients and it’s a helluva time saver on a daily basis when someone needs your logo. Here’s a sample

ZerCareer Assets Page

Great design makes the press release better.

We’ve owned the multimedia press release or SMR (social media release) space for almost a decade now. With Smart Pitch we’ve put together everything we’ve learned (and invented) along the way into the ultimate tool. Construct your pitch using a collection of elements like reusable boilerplates, a Twitter pitch, feature videos and more. When the content is all there, use our pioneering Pitch Styles to find the perfect layout to fit your content and your audience. Here’s a sample

Smart Pitch™ Multimedia Release Builder

Tiny Pitch is a fan favorite. Here’s how it works:

Andrew Medal of Entrepreneur calls Tiny Pitch “…a killer product. It’s honestly one of my favorite new products and super effective for all types of press creation.”

Tiny Pitch

Compressor is the cure for the common Word doc

Word docs getting you down? We invented Compressor to help modernize communications flow for people who still deal in docs.

It’s super simple and efficient:

  1. Drop your doc and images into Compressor:
  2. Customize the headline and summary text
  3. ‘Compress’ and share it via email and social channels where docs aren’t usually welcome (Facebook, Twitter and more). You can also embed your tiny pitch into your own blog or website!

That’s it. Simple is magic.

Compressor by Pitchengine

Ping is a PR tracker for your short links

Shorten your link and track it all all over the web with Ping. Use custom urls or password protect your PR content with this simple, but powerful tool.

Ping at

It’s the most affordable PR Tool ever

All this is just $49 per month for a Single Brand Subscription or $149 per month for an Agency. See for yourself

— Jason Kintzler, Founder and CEO Pitchengine