Dev Academy vs University

*Cost of University is the average cost of 4 year Engineering degrees at Otago, Waikato, Canterbury, Auckland and Massey Universities. **Universities do not track or release rates of graduates landing a job in their field. Data released by MOE in 2013 showed that 53% of Bachelor’s degree holders were in employment one year after study. This did not specify whether they were working in the field they had studied. ***Dev Academy’s hire rate is based on students finding a job as a junior developer within 4 months of graduating.

Enspiral Dev Academy is an 18 week coding bootcamp based in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.

Why choose Enspiral Dev Academy?

The table above shows the difference between studying to become a web developer at Dev Academy vs University. This blog series investigates the advantages of Dev Academy, starting with reason 1: It’s faster.

It’s faster

For those who have already studied, who have external commitments, who have entered the workforce but want a radical change, 4 years full time study is an opportunity cost that is often too great to consider. Dev Academy creates the possibility of levelling up and launching into a completely new career within the year.

“What I learned at EDA is worth gold…. I learned more in these nine weeks than I have in over ten years as a self-taught software developer. I personally found the holistic curriculum at EDA to be incredibly effective.”

Martin, 2016 graduate

Web development jobs hold the options of flexible hours, remote work, salary increases and the security of an ever-expanding high-demand field where the most exciting innovations are being made. When Dev Academy offers the possibility of joining this world within the year, the prospect of engaging in a radical career change seems far more possible.

The intensive, in-class part of Dev Academy’s programme is 9 weeks, with an optional extra week at the end for jobseeking. That’s 360–550 hours — we do go late and cram in extra hours some weeks! In a university degree you might have 12 hours of lectures and tutorials per week, and 23 weeks of learning per year around holidays and exams. This means that in a whole year you’d only get 276 hours learning. So while a 9 week bootcamp seems brief, it’s tantamount to the teaching time of a whole year and a half to two years at uni, half an Engineering degree! We pack in the maximum amount of learning possible in a tight space of time, which means your costs of living and lost income are lower.

Web development is creative, it’s ever-evolving, it’s challenging and it’s about problem solving. If you think Dev Academy might be the place for you, head to our website and apply today for the next Auckland or Wellington cohort.

Check out the next reason to choose Dev Academy: It’s cheaper.



News, learning & inspiration from Enspiral Dev Academy, a 15-week coding bootcamp in New Zealand.

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