Dev Academy vs University Part II: It’s cheaper

*Cost of University is the average cost of 4 year Engineering degrees at Otago, Waikato, Canterbury, Auckland and Massey Universities. **Universities do not track or release rates of graduates landing a job in their field. Data released by MOE in 2013 showed that 53% of Bachelor’s degree holders were in employment one year after study. This did not specify whether they were working in the field they had studied. ***Dev Academy’s hire rate is based on students finding a job as a junior developer within 4 months of graduating.

UPDATE: Since time of writing Dev Academy has reduced its course fees from $11,000 to $9,588. Enspiral Dev Academy is an 18 week coding bootcamp based in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.

Why choose Enspiral Dev Academy?

The table above shows the difference between studying to become a web developer at Dev Academy vs University. This blog series investigates the advantages of Dev Academy, starting with reason 1: It’s faster, and continuing with reason 2: It’s cheaper.

It’s cheaper

$11,000 up front is not to be sniffed at, it’s a lot of money. But compared to four years out of work, four years’ living costs and the cost of a University degree, Dev Academy is far more economically viable, and includes the possibility of entering a job with higher earning prospects within the year.

We also work extremely hard to keep that cost as low as possible — we run a very tight ship with no wastage. We want the very best teachers and developers helping students along the way, and rely on our community and our well developed networks within New Zealand’s technology sector to reduce our overheads where ever possible. We also run a raft of other revenue streams to help finance Dev Academy externally. These include our events and coworking space. These streams not only offset the cost of the Dev Academy programme, they have the added benefit of allowing us options to support our students after graduation.

Another way of looking at it might be to ask, “What’s the opportunity cost of four years at University?” Opportunity cost looks at the potential and lost income of the time investment.

*First year’s salary is based on median industry average in NZ **Subsequent years’ salary estimates are based on 2016 data from AbsoluteIT ***Numbers are rounded to nearest thousand

Dev Academy is more money up front but ends up being much cheaper overall.

Web development is creative, it’s ever-evolving, it’s challenging and it’s about problem solving. If you think Dev Academy might be the place for you, head to our website and apply today for the next Auckland or Wellington cohort.

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