News Anywhere and Everywhere you go!

By Aminah Usman

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

The problem I seek to solve: adults with families who are having a difficult time accessing information about the news. If they access the news, it is not relevant or important enough to spend time reading it. Also, kids who are on the go with their parent, are less susceptible to receive current news that aid in building their education.

Lean Canvas by Aminah Usman

According to Steve Mullen, “ As an entrepreneur, one of the most important tasks you can perform is getting your idea(s) out from your head into a tangible format so that you can communicate that with others.” This quote definitely emphasizes the importance of a Lean Canvas, in that it is a simple way to create business plans and products effectively.

Happy Canvas by Aminah Usman

The Happy Canvas is important because it eliminates any kind of waste when creating a business model. Instead of wasting time writing out millions of ideas and going through inventory, this canvas has made it easier to effectively write out a solid plan.

To be more specific in ways a Happy Canvas or a Lean Canvas helps, here are some HMW questions:

Q: HMW entertain kids? HMW slow a mom down?

A: In this question, it is important to understand the wants of children. I think the implementation of DBQ animations within our app and website will entertain kids for hours in that it has given them a chance to not only exercise their creativity but learn at the same time. Creating ways to responsibly entertain kids, will, in turn, slow down a mom in that she has one less thing to worry about in terms of finding the means to educate her child. For example, instead of Harry’s mom rushing to finish up in the office because Harry continues to say “he is bored”, she has now found a way to entertain with him fun relevant animations on current news.

Q: HMW use the kids’ energy to entertain fellow passenger?

A: In this question, I think it is important to channel the child’s energy into learning. To do this we can implement a kids section within the app that has educational games. Thus, my team and I would have to brainstorm ideas on how to use technology in an enjoyable and easy way not only for kids but for their parents as well.

Q: HMW make the wait the most exciting part of the trip?

A: In order to make the wait the most exciting part of the trip we have to find enough reliable and honest reporters to cover stories internationally in order to give readers what they want. Therefore, getting a better understanding of how people within this market receive news already will help, in figuring out ways we can bring a new exciting model.