GoodGuys Digest: Edition 5

Featuring EOS Metal and EOS UK

Dec 16, 2018 · 3 min read
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Welcome to the fifth edition of the GoodGuys Digest. We are EOSphere, a standby Block Producer (BP) for the EOS blockchain network. We also manage a proxy voting account, named goodguys4eos, which is used to assign votes to outstanding BPs under 1% of votes. With this digest we bring you good news from these Block Producers. Hope you enjoy :)

EOS Metal

Account: eosmedinodes
Node location: France, Ireland, Iceland
Rank: 89
Votes: 0.33%

EOS Metal is a standby block producer on the EOS main-net. They have dedicated bare metal servers and are entirely self-funded. They recently upgraded their tech and they have their servers in Tier-4 facilities for great support and maximum uptime. To learn more about their technology, read their post.

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EOS Metal built a Names explorer. It’s a really simple website that helps you come up with ideas for available 12 character account names. They updated it in November to include LEET, REVERSE and PLURAL style names. You can read about their update here.

In late November, EOS Metal published their first financial report.

EOS metal was one of the block producers that financially supported the procurement of an attorney to write a letter in support of EOS not being a security. This was used to send to BITTREX and other exchanges.

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The call for support.


Account: eosukblocpro
Node location: Falkenstein, Germany
Rank: 86
Votes: 0.37%

EOS UK are another committed block producer candidate in the EOS network. Their physical head quarters is in Nottingham, United Kingdom. EOS UK has been heavily involved in the EOS network from before the launch.

The team have built an FAQ page which answers general EOS-related questions using informative video presentations by Roger and Jim.

EOS UK are renowned for their carshare video chats. Their latest one discusses the ‘Telos Go for Launch’ day.

EOS UK are a candidate on the EOS mainnet, but they are also committed to the newly launched Telos network. Visit their Telos UK page where you can catch up on the major announcements, both from EOS UK and from the Telos Foundation, to date.

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EOS UK’s Jim Hewitt and Roman Skaskiw of Crypto Lions saying hello from the EOS BP Summit Oslo in November

A Proxy For The Good Guys

With our proxy, goodguys4eos, we assign your votes to Block Producers who meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Have received below 1% of total network votes
  • Adhere to the {{ regproducer }} Agreement
  • Adhere to the Constitution
  • Actively Participate in the Community

You can proxy your vote to the goodguys4eos account at our eosvoter tool, using the command line cleos tool or by researching another voting tool. To learn more about proxy voting, read the explainer by Aurora EOS.

Connect with EOSphere via these channels:


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