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EquaCoin ecosystem: manifest for a democratic, popular-issued currency and an ethical economy based on abundance.


The EquaCoin project aims to overturn the paradigm of scarcity that over the centuries has been generating an ethicless society often contributing to the unhappiness of individuals, when not to their death and destruction.

The realization

The transition from an ideal currency to a practical tool, without frontiers, is now made possible by the adoption of blockchain technology that makes it global, secure, anonymous and permanent, with reasonable protection from any action aimed to undermining its foundations.

The Universal Income

EquaCoin and other script currencies that are based on it are the basis of a first, very ambitious project, that is the Universal Basic Income, a universal income paid on a monthly basis to all the members.

Transactions and meeting space

When a citizen decides to exchange goods and services, he must always do it as peer-to-peer, using his own portfolio.

Laws and rules

The laws in force are those of the states in which the transaction is concluded and generally coincide with those of the state of the seller (competent court, taxation, legality of the goods, etc.). The transactions are for cash, cash on delivery, that is they end with a peer-to-peer negotiation between seller and buyer, always.


EquaCoin Wallets, are anonymous, multi-account, multi-currency, consist of elaborate encryption programs, RESIDENT in your browser that connects with the blockchain to read or write its contents, they are NOT home banking interfaces to centralized computers, as they might appear at first glance.


Into the Equacoin Ecosystem script currencies have, by definition, the same unit count as the reference currencies, therefore 1 EUR Script = 1 Eur-bank = 1 Eur-ECB, and so on with Dollars, Francs etc.

Equacoin Ecosystem Segregation

The Equacoin Ecosystem is absolutely distinct and segregated from the economic areas created by the reference legal tender coins.

Tax regime into the Equacoin Ecosystem

The script currencies are NOT coupon or other utilities aimed to obtain discounts on goods but are free acceptance cash bearer and will be accounted as they were credits, and as such also managed for any other legal purpose.



The EquaCoin community implements an economic ecosystem, formed by peer-to-peer transactions and buy/sell e-commerce platforms. Members use a multi-currency, multi-account wallet to interface blockchains and can also apply for an Universal Basic Income.

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Gilles Champollion

Investor, political observer, blockchain enthusiast, bitcoin early adopter, EquaCoin supporter.