Transmute Energy With Chakra Masturbation

A guide to sexual alchemy through mindful self-pleasure

Ena Dahl
Essensually Ena
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8 min readJan 8, 2020


Self-pleasure can be an act of self-love, but did you know that ‘giving yourself a hand’ can be a way to re-direct your energy and reach your goals?

Masturbation is a tool with many applications

Whether you ‘Jack-off’ or ‘diddle the Skittle’, (thank you Peaches) masturbation is a multi-purpose pursuit.

A little ‘downstairs DJ-set’ can fulfill a physical need by temporarily quieting our urges—scratch an itch, so to speak. We can further use it to calm our nerves, gain focus, or relax.

I find a round of ‘double-clicking’ to be a great sleeping aid, and often do it to wind down my buzzing brain after a long day.

A perk of freelancing from home is that you can take a small ‘detour’ to ‘orbit Venus’ between big tasks, or to un-frazzle when you’re stressed out.

Tap into your potential

Another euphemism for masturbating, ‘tapping into your potential’ is more spot-on than most are aware of.

In my recent article, Create With Your Libido—Fuck With Your Creativity, I touch on how all of our vital energy springs from the same source; our libido gives birth to all life, as well as to our passions and artistic expressions.

But, how can we utilize and direct this energy consciously?

How I discovered chakra masturbation

When I first did this, I thought I was inventing something ‘silly’ on my own, but I later found that using masturbation to heal is nothing new. Various resources on Tanta and sex magick touch on the topic, yet, there doesn’t seem to be a set method for it.

My own approach was developed through experimentation around what works for me, so by sharing, I invite you to interpret and use it in whatever way makes sense to you.

What is sexual energy transmutation?

I stumbled upon the concept of energy transmutation at a time when I was in the process of letting go and changing things around, in the aftermath of a big…



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