Agharta hard-fork is successfully activated on Ethereum Classic

Stevan Lohja
Jan 13, 2020 · 1 min read

The Agharta, Ethereum Classic hard-fork successfully executed at block 9,573,000, January 12, 2020. The hard-fork was inclusive of ETH Constantinople and Petersburg network protocol upgrades adding; bitwise shifting instructions, skinny CREATE2 opcode, and the EXTCODEHASH opcode. The Ethereum Classic Atlantis hard-fork executed in September of 2019 which was inclusive of the ETH Byzantium network protocol upgrades and Agharta marks the second half of the ETC-ETH compatibility initiative. ETC will be inclusive of the recent ETH Instanbul, however, we are planning some major innovations ahead.

Please update your ETC clients/ nodes if you have not done so already. More info on updating clients here.

Agharta in the media

🛑 Be aware of scams: The Agharta hard-fork was a non-contentious network upgrade. There are NO new coins to claim! There is a scam called EAgharta which the ETC community has warned users about. In addition to being a scam, we’ve found out that EAgharta sends your wallet password and private key to their servers. Don’t trust, verify!


ETC Core

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